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By Priya Singh on 2023-09-08 12:24:00

WWE Superstar Spectacle results from G.M.C. Balayogi Indoor Stadium here in Hyderabad, India:

*They have a Titantron and are filming the show. 

*Here at the event they were selling lots of John Cena merchandise including a signed poster, WWE Championship replica belts and official Superstar Spectacle t-shirts.

*Drew Mcintyre & Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens defeated Jinder Mahal & Veer Mahaan & Sanga when Drew pinned Jinder with a Clayore Kick.  All six ceased hostilities and joined together in a Bhangr dance, which India loved.

*The noise is absolutely deafening with massive crowd pops.

*Natalya pinned Zoey Stark to earn the right to face Rhea Ripley later.  Obviously, the original plan was Becky Lynch vs. Zoey.

*WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther pinned Shanky.

*Bron Breakker pinned Odyssey Jones.

*WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali came out and declared he would have one more match in the future.  This got a big positive reaction live as Khali is very much beloved as one of our own.

*WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Natalya.

*WWE World Heavyweight ChampionSeth Rollins & John Cena defeated Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser & Giovvani Vinci.

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