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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-06 09:31:00

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I was watching back at The Undertaker's interview on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network and Taker talked about him facing Ric Flair at WrestleMania X8 and Vince McMahon being baffled by Taker wanting to have a match with Flair. He noted that Flair was never one of "Vince's guys". Does Vince not have the same amount of respect for Ric Flair as a wrestler and as a performer the way Taker, Austin, and 99.9% of the industry has?

I can't speak for Vince and how he thinks but the word I have always heard aligns with what Taker said.  Vince was more Hulk Hogan than Ric Flair.  I think that's fair to say.

In his Collision speech, Tony Khan said that production people shouldn’t be in fear for their life like he was when CM Punk went nuclear.  Do you think anyone other than him was really scared for their lives?

I can’t speak as to what was going through any of their minds since I didn't talk to them.  All I know is that if I saw Punk take a punch at Tony Khan and knock over monitors, I sure as hell wouldn’t be scared for my life.  It's not like he was running around backstage with an axe looking for victims.

Who is on Tony Khan’s Discipline Committee?

Larry, Moe and Curly.  Shemp and Joe Besser are alternates.  Seriously, who knows?  Tony never stated who was on the committee and I doubt he ever will.

Now that Punk has been fired which I'm sure made everyone happy (*sarcasm*) can we all just stop talking about AEW's "flaws" and just watch their shows as fans instead of pretending to be armchair bookers. Both fans and news reporters such as yourself  need to stop pretending you work for the company and telling them what they SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do.

Wrong.  You can watch and enjoy bad booking and illogical storylines until you get called for dinner, that’s fine for you.  Your role in the business is to be a fan and enjoy wrestling however you want to enjoy it.  If you want to dip a ticket stub in Mox’s blood, go for it!  But or better or worse, our job is to give our opinion on the product.  It’s in the job description.  I don’t pretend to work for any wrestling company, and have turned down offers to do so in the past because I have no desire to do it.  I work for the people that support the work I do here.

So, of someone twice your size was swinging at you, you wouldn't fear for your life? Sounds like shit talk from a keyboard Warrior.

Of? I think you meant “if”.  Tony Khan is listed online at 5’8” and 160 pounds.  CM Punk is certainly not 11’4” and doesn’t weight 320 pounds.  With that said, I have actually fought guys that were proportionately bigger to me that Punk is to Khan when I was younger.  Nope, I was never scared for my life.  It’s was just a fight, not attempted murder.  Most people that have actually gone out in the world and left their home have gotten into at least one at some point in their life.  But soft fellas like you?  I can see why the thought of getting an owie would make you feel like someone was trying to kill you.  But, that doesn’t make it rational.  Not many people want to get punched or get hurt, but you have to be a different kind of weak if someone trying to punch you puts your life in danger, especially if you work in any capacity in the live event aspect of the wrestling business.

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