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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-04 10:00:00

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How much do you think it hurt Tony Khan to get booed the way that he did at Dynamite?

I think it hurt him a lot.  At his core, Tony really is someone who loves wrestling more than anyone I have ever encountered.  To be booed by his brethren, in his home-ish city?  That had to really hurt.

I know you’ve (or Dave Scherer at least) made joke comments and running with Tony Khan’s statement about being “scared for his life.” But let’s get real here, you and I are smart enough to know this wording was a recommendation by his lawyers incase of any lawsuit by Punk. Can we stop taking Tony Khan’s statement as face value and point out this was a case of recommended wording by his team of lawyers??

You aren’t as smart as you think you are.  While I am sure Tony did clear those words with his lawyers, here’s the truth.  Punk was fired with cause, which means he did something definable and egregious.  Let’s say that the worst case scenario that we have heard was true and Punk took a swing at Tony and knocked over TV monitors.  At that point, Tony could have simply stated that.  He’s the top officer in the company and if Punk did that (and I have no reason to believe that he didn’t as the incident happened in an area with cameras everywhere), all Tony had to do was state what happened.  It’s a legitimate reason to invoke cause.  Saying he feared for his life is an emotion.  If I am scared of spiders and I walk into a web of them, I could be scared for my life.  It’s irrational though.  Someone throwing a punch at you?  That is an act of aggression to the CEO of the company?  That is not.  If the idea was to word it that way so that if it goes to court, it's much more effective to just say that Punk tried to commit felonious assault!

In reading reporting on some sites (and not just Meltzer's), its been implied that CM Punk, in some way, physically went at Tony Khan.  Have you heard anything regarding that from your sources?  If true, even though it was too much info to put out, would that explain TK's comments on Collision?  

I have.  One great source told me exactly what I stated above, that Punk took a shot at Tony knocked over TV monitors.  No matter what happened, I have said since it happened that Punk should be at least suspended for what he did, and that was before details of what I mentioned above came out.  So again, I have no issue with him firing Punk.  I support it.  My problem was the “I was scared for my life” stuff.  Even if he actually was, and maybe he really was since he is filthy rich and very well may have never had encountered something like that, stating that on national TV instead of just saying, “He came at me like a mad man!” I have no idea.  And not for nothing, but why wasn’t it a hostile work environment when Punk fought with The Young Bucks?  Why didn’t he care about the safety of his workers then?

In the notice of CM punk's termination, Tony Khan specified an employment contract as well as a wrestler contract.  Have you heard anything in regards to what position Punk held as an employee?

Yes, he had at least a wrestler contract and a second contract.

We all know Tony Kahn is a huge fan of wrestling. To the point that it’s only a matter of time that he involves himself in key angles since he owns the company and all. However, do you agree that his statement on Collision basically makes it impossible for him to ever book himself in a physical angle on television?  If his life was endangered by being close to a fight backstage, how could he ever legitimately book an angle where a top heel attacks him?  Wouldn’t that be far more “life threatening?”

That’s interesting question but I think he could say something like, “Since I booked it, I knew I was in no danger”.  With that said, he’s a really bad on-air character so I hope he never does such an angle.

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