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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-29 16:14:00

In the wake of the last few days, there have been a number of CM Punk rumors that we've been asked about:

RUMOR: CM Punk was fined for his recent Hangman Page comments.

REALITY: The belief among those within AEW is this is true, with some believing the fine may have even been in the five figure range.  No one has (or will) go on record to confirm.


RUMOR: AEW didn't have anyone picking up Punk when he landed in the UK.  

REALITY: Given there are fan photos on Twitter of Punk riding the subway (or, as it's called there, the tube) in the UK with them, we can chalk this one up to being true.  It was likely a logistical error of some kind.  We have no idea why he rode the subway as opposed to taking an Uber.   


RUMOR: Jungle Boy was choked unconscious.

REALITY: No one from either side has ever claimed he was unconscious.  As we have noted, depending on the story, Jack was grabbed in a side headlock or a chokehold.


RUMOR: Punk and Miro got into an physical altercation after Punk wrestled Samoa Joe.

REALITY: We are told by several that was not the case.  There were words (described as bantering) between the two but no physical altercation.  We are also told Punk, Miro and Brody King all traveled to and arrived at the Stadium together the day of All In in the same vehicle. 


RUMOR: Punk was removed from the Stadium.

REALITY: was told Punk was in the Stadium for some time after his match before exiting.  We are told that he went back to the AEW hotel after making a decision to leave and spoke with AEW personnel to tell them he was leaving and chose to walk instead of having a vehicle take him back.


RUMOR: There is an investigation ongoing.

REALITY: Undoubtedly, this is happening or will happen.  Whether it prevents Punk and/or Jungle Boy from appearing at this week's TV and PPV events in Chicago remains to be seen. 

Finally, as of this writing, no one from AEW has confirmed to that either are suspended, although there are reports that they have been.


RUMOR: CM Punk has been released.

REALITY: This is not the case of the posting of this article.

Note: The first draft of this article was accidentally posted for several minutes.  The final version corrected typos and added additional context.

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