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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-27 15:10:00

As we reported in the Elite section earlier, there was an altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry before the All In: London PPV went on the air

One version of the story is that there had been a previous conversation between the two about Perry doing a glass spot.  As Perry vs. Hook was ongoing, Perry pointed out the glass on the car and screamed that it was real glass and "cry me a river" before doing the spot where he ended up suplexed through the glass.   Some are taking that as a message being sent to Punk.

Backstage, the two came across each other.  The prevailing story later making the rounds was that Perry confronted Punk, leading to the two shoving each other.   We know for sure they absolutely had words backstage and then had a physical interaction.

As we previously stated in the Elite section, from there, the first story was Punk struck Perry.  However, the version that is becoming most shared is that Perry was caught in a choke.  We are working to clarify but the belief is Perry got the worst of the altercation.

Punk is still, as of this writing, backstage at Wembley Stadium.  We are told that Perry was asked to leave and is no longer at the Stadium. 

As you might imagine, this certainly won't calm the waters backstage between the different factions.  Perry is firmly part of The Elite camp. 

AEW has another PPV next week in Chicago with everyone slated to once again be backstage.  

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