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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-30 10:00:00

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In reading your transcript of Tony Khan's statements, this one sentence stood out to me, "And there may be some of them that don’t get along with each other backstage or on TV. It’s not ideal, but it’s a reality, and I can’t make everyone get along. I’m not sure it’s necessarily even in the best interest of pro wrestling for everybody to get along." and had me wondering a few things.  

1. Does he not realize that wrestlers not getting along on TV is good, but not getting along backstage is bad? 

2.  And that everyone "getting along" to where they can work together is always in the best interest of pro wrestling? and finally that as the owner of the company he absolutely CAN make them at least get along to where they are able to work together, vs keeping them on separate brands?

I wonder if he does understand that!  And honestly, of course not everyone will get along, that’s just life.  What the people that don’t get along shouldn’t be doing though is undermining the company and fighting each other.  Tony can’t make them like each other but if he stopped treating the wrestlers as friends and started acting like the boss, that crap wouldn’t happen.  Look at Vince McMahon, none of that crap would have happened on his watch and it won’t happen in WWE now.  I put this all on Tony at this point.  He enables bad behavior. He lets them do what they do.  To me, he has more blame than them at this point.  I don’t get why he allows chaos in his locker room but it’s his company,

Have you ever been to a wrestling show at a stadium? I purchased tickets for WM40 at Lincoln Field, great seats (section 120), but I’m starting to worry even a section like that could be too far in a stadium for a 20x20 wrestling ring. What are your thoughts, is this something I shouldn’t need to worry about?

I have not but I have been to concerts in stadium venues.  In my experience, if you are too far away to see clearly, that's when you watch on the big screens.

Vince Russo wrote in his column that if Vince McMahon was at Raw in Quebec, he would have been furious that Sami didn't talk for six minutes and instead let the crowd react.  He said that The Judgment Day was sent out because fans at home were bored and were changing the channel.  How did this guy ever book anything successful?

He had Vince McMahon to edit him, that simple.  The fact that he wrote that (and I checked, he did) explains a few things.  For one, he doesn't understand heat at all.  Two, it shows how short his attention span is and gives great insight into why he booked the way that he did.  Also, Russo clearly doesn’t remember the much longer segment where Vince himself allowed Roman Reigns to be booed mercilessly on Raw, without saying a word, after he beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania in 2020.

Another Q&A, another person complaining about a negative opinion on AEW.  Why do people take so much offense to Dave's opinion on AEW?  Or Jim Cornette?  Do they even know what an opinion is?  Clearly, given the historical record, it starts at the top with Tony but why are members of the AEW audience so insecure about their product?  Dustin Rhodes tweeted that people who didn't like the Chainsaw spectacle were "full of sh*t".  People like what they like; it doesn't make them full of it just because they feel differently than you.  These people are adults.  Grow up.

Well said.  I don't know if Dustin really believes that or if he is doing a solid for his boss.  If it's the latter, I get it.  If it's the former, he likes stuff that makes no sense to me.  As for the people who take offense to any criticism of AEW, I don't get it at all.  I guess in some cases they are just sad, insecure people who can't stand it when anyone doesn't see things their way.  You are correct, those kinds of people should grow up.  Bitter and petty is no way to go through life!

A follow up to the question about the lack of ticket sales to the AEW Arthur Ashe live event: How long does AEW realistically have until they say that because of security reasons, they moved the event into an indoor, enclosed venue? I'll show myself out. 

I see what you did there Vince!  Seriously, unless a lot of tickets are sold for that show in the next few weeks, I do wonder about their future dates in that building, I really do.

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