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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-20 10:00:00

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Dave, The Schnoz (I think I spelled that right) has accused you of making up questions for the Q&A's. How do you respond to that? 

First off, there is no correct way to spell Schnoz, so you did fine.  Either Mike Epsenhart or myself made up the name, if memory serves.  For those of you lucky enough to never cross paths with Schnoz, known to some as “Green Lantern Fan” since he wore the same Green Lantern shirt to seemingly every wrestling show that he went to and then acted in a way where everyone in the building, unfortunately, knew he was there.  Unfortunately for Mike Johnson, Eps and myself, we have crossed paths with him.  I am only addressing this special fella for two reasons: 1) Elites asked me too and 2) While he is not “in the business” he has interjected himself into the matches and shows for decades, so let’s go.

Before I answer the question, I should give a little background to people who have been charmed enough to never see or interact with him.  His name is Paul Sosnowski.  He was part of the group that Mike Johnson, and later Mike Eps, drove with from the NY area to ECW shows in Philadelphia.  He constantly did things that embarrassed Mike J. and his friends at and around shows, as well as annoy fans in his general vicinity.  Mike tried numerous times to get Paul to stop being, well The Schnoz.  He was a great friend to Paul and spent more effort and time on the guy than literally anyone else I know.  Finally, when Paul wouldn’t stop embarrassing Mike and the group, Mike divorced himself from The Schnoz, or so he thought.

For probably 20 years now, Paul has continually badgered Mike, mostly through emails.  Suffice to say, the best way to try and repair a broken friendship is the exact opposite of what Schnoz did.

Mike told him many times to stop emailing him and finally Paul kind of listened.  How? He started emailing me about Mike!  Now keep in mind that once I saw what Paul was like almost 30 years ago, I had nothing to do with him.  He was never my friend and frankly he never would be.  I wanted no part of him, other than to use him as a great example to feel better about myself if I was having a bad day.

But in his skewed brain, he suddenly thought that it was OK to start writing to me about Mike, and with great regularity.  When Mike found out, he told Paul to stop contacting me.  I can’t honestly tell you if he did or not because I just blocked him, as I do with all people like him.

So, how do I respond to Schnoz’s ridiculous statement?  I just say it’s par for the course for the guy.  The guy has tried to make Mike Johnson let him back into his life for going on 30 years but keeps doing all of the things that made Mike walk away from him in the first place.  He’s a sad, sad individual and if he wasn’t harassing Mike and now bad mouthing me, I wouldn’t even acknowledge him.  To be clear, no one at this site likes, or even talks to, Schnoz.  He has no idea how this site works.  

But since he brought it up, in the past I have gotten many questions about him that I never bothered to run here.  I saved them in a file in case he ever went too far (like he did now). Since he wants me to do a column about him, I will answer some of them now.

Did Schnoz really propose marriage on Raw?

Yes he did. The young lady said yes that night but they did not get married, which was probably a blessing for her.

Did he really post a Go Fund Me to try and get people to pay for his repairs to his wife’s car?  And did he really say that he knows people don’t like him, but his wife is nice so help her?

He definitely posted it on one of those “give me money” platforms.  The verbiage was pretty close to that.  At least he was being honest about himself, I will give him that.

If he knows people don’t like him, why doesn’t he change the way he acts?

That’s a great question.  I have no answer for it.  I can tell you that Mike J. tried many times to get through to him.  As I said above, he put in far more effort than Schnoz deserved in my opinion.  It says a lot about Mike J. that he was such a good friend to someone like that.

Does he really speak in that whining voice that you use when you impersonate him?

If it’s exaggerated it is only slightly so.  When he gets excited, his voice pierces the eardrums like a air raid siren.

Was he really detained in Florida by police and he thought saying he had to get WrestleMania would make the police release him?

He was indeed arrested over a Wrestlemania weekend in Florida after an independent show.  Whether he tried to use Wrestlemania as an argument as to why he should be let go, I cannot say.  That version floated among people but it could have been exaggerated.  

Did he really stand up at shows and yell, “No Heat” at the wrestlers?

Yes, he sure did.  

Did he really hold onto a chair that Shane Douglas wanted to use during a match and refuse to let go?

Why, yes he did!  He also tried to stop someone from giving Bill Alfonso a chair once as well.  I won’t say who that person was but Schnoz is lucky said person didn’t use the chair on him.

Did wrestlers really do big spots in his area to try and take him out as collateral damage?

100 percent true! And on one occasion, Perry Saturn tried to take out Mike Johnson while doing a spot in the ECW Arena because he was confused as to who Paul actually was.  After you just read the last two questions, and there are many, many more incidents where he acted like a child, I can’t say that I blame them.  The fact Mike Johnson has publicly kept quiet about all of the embarrassment and issues in the face of the harassment says a lot about Mike as a person.

Are there stories about him that you haven’t told?

Yes, many of them and they are much worse than anything I have said here.  I hope Schnoz can learn to control himself so that we don’t need a sequel to this column.

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