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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-12 10:00:00


Gun to your head, where is AEW on TV next year?

TBS and TNT.

Any update on Carlito?  

Nothing yet.  We are told he's been signed.  It wouldn't be the first time someone was signed and it took forever for them to appear - just look at Eric Young's most recent WWE run, where he never even got the chance to appear. 

You claimed Carlito signed, so where is he?

If he wasn't signed, why isn't he doing independent appearances?  

I know this will be a silly question, but whatever happened to old ECW ring announcer Bob Artese?

Bob still lives in the Philly area.  He worked primarily outside of pro wrestling, but if he was asked today, I'm sure he'd be interested in doing an appearance.  Artese was always one of the true good people around the business.

Other than They Live, what was the best Roddy Piper movie?

If you mean the best acting, that's all subjective, but Hell Comes To Frogtown still remains one of the weirdest, mind-blending, so bad it's good film to ever star a pro wrestller.  I'd suggest that one, but you've been warned!

I'm very concerned about Terry Funk after seeing that recent photo of him.  It looked like he was in a wheelchair and I can't imagine he willingly held up a WWE toy title belt on purpose.  Do you have any updates on The Funker?  Any chances he does any signings or conventions?

I do not, except to say this - his health hasn't been good for some time and it's not going to get better as age and the brutality he put himself through catches up with him.  We were very blessed by Terry and I hope that his family knows how much everyone who loved and loves professional wrestling know how much we all appreciated what he put himself through for our collective enjoyment.  I do not personally believe we will ever see Terry Funk make another public appearance.  It pains me to say that, but it's not likely I am wrong.  I wish I was.

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