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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-09 09:59:00

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Before his lawsuit against WWE and AEW, what, if anything have you heard of the litigant, Duane Wilson in regards to the wrestling business?  What was your immediate reaction both when you read his claims, and saw that he was seeking to be awarded control of AEW, a seat on the WWE board, and WWE stock?

I have heard the same thing about him before his lawsuit that I have afterward, nothing!  I have no idea who he is.  At first I thought it was Mike Johnson’s barber, but I was wrong.  My reaction?  I wondered if he was being represented by Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.  

I never liked Tony Schiavone growing up.  He would always say it’s “THE MOST MEMORABLE NITRO EVER!”. I know it’s wrestling but when it’s said every damn time, almost every week back in the day, it was just so annoying to me. I also understand he was produced but damn, that got old. Now I’m starting to get annoyed with him during his AEW calls when he repeatedly says “Great call Taz”, “Great call (fill in the blank)”. So after all that my question is, is it just me? Or am I missing the boat with Tony? I’m sure he is highly regarded but I just never liked him like others. Maybe I was young when I first started hearing him and that has something to do with it. I don to know. I appreciate everything you guys do, true professionals.

Tony does what his booker/promoter wants him to do.  He was great back in the day calling Jim Crockett action and was often great in WCW.  But again, he has to do what the booker/boss wants.  At this point in his career, he has reached that status where I am just happy to have him around and working.  

I don't watch much of AEW but I did catch a bit of the Adam Cole/MJF birthday celebration.  I see a lot of The Miz in MJF's mic skills and really would love to see a feud between the two if the future deems it.  What would you think of the feud and who would win the battle of the promos?

I like The Miz a lot and think he’s very underrated.  At this point in his career though he’s in a different place than MJF is and I think if MJF were to come to WWE he wouldn’t be in a long term with Mizanin.  As for who would win the battle of the promos, it depends on what the guys are given to say.

You have made it known that you are not a fan of Tony Khan's booking, and that he should consider hiring a good booker.  If you look at all the potential candidates in the wrestling landscape currently available and not tied down to another company, who would your top choice be to come into AEW and take over the booking duties with full control of creative?

It’s an exercise in futility because Tony will never turn over the book.  Since that is the case, I would just like to see him bring in someone to help him out, take his ideas and make them better.

How would you describe the importance of "in ring psychology" to a casual/new wrestling fan and what are some examples of good in ring psychology that have taken place during a match in the past 10 years or so?

I wouldn’t describe it to them because it would be like telling them why they get invested in a TV show.  People don’t think about why they like Yellowstone.  The storyteller engrosses the viewer with what he shows them.  There have been a lot of great examples but the one that stands out to me is Sami Zayn in Montreal.  I knew there was no way he was going to win the Title that night against Roman Reigns and yet by the end, I was rooting for him to do so.  My brain knew he wouldn’t but my heart didn’t care what made sense.  That’s the best example I can give.  To me, great ring psychology makes your believe you are watching a real fight.

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