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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-08 09:59:00

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I watched the video of FTR bringing Dennis Condrey into the ring to be recognized and nobody in wrestling deserves it more.  But am I the only one that wanted to see him punch one of the FTR boys right in the face because Dennis Condrey is and should always a heel?

I can't say that you are the only one because I haven't polled the world but I sure didn't want to see that.  Why would he punch guys that paid tribute him and he put over?  That would have been ridiculous.  I loved the segment just as it was.

Did Becky vs Trish get moved to the Winnipeg Raw instead of SummerSlam to allow Trish more time to heal?

Trish is fine from what I was told.  I know there are a lot of stories online but I can’t corroborate any of them  them.  As Triple H explained the post game presser, at the end of the day, SummerSlam had 8 matches and ran four hours.  It was a really full show.  Having important matches/segments on Raw and Smackdown are important too.

Ok maybe its just me, but ‘almost’ every match with Rhea Ripley at ringside involves her laying hands on the male wrestlers, good example the Bash match with Dom Dom, I mean really? It’s just seems they keep booking she can touch whoever but she’s untouchable back (yes I know why with today’s times), but isn’t it about time for something new. Am I the only one about over her laying hands on male wrestlers?

It’s definitely a fine line to straddle with her getting physical with men.  Right now, it’s not over the line to me but at some point one of the opponents will need to recruit a top woman to stand by them.  Someone like Shayna Baszler or Raquel Rodriguez seem like great candidates. As for being the only one, see the above answer.

Does the Shayna Baszler-Ronda Rousey match prove that MMA has no place in pro wrestling?

I won’t say no place because some of the MMA moves are very effective to use in a pro wrestling match.  But as for doing an MMA style match again?  I have no desire to see it.  That match was not good.

Of the old blue bar type, the ones the look like chain link fence, or the welded links of chain, ( or another), what  style of “cage” do you like best and why?  

I like the cyclone fence cages.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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