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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-07 12:39:00

Former Impact Wrestling and NWA World Champion Nick Aldis is in Minneapolis ahead of tonight's WWE Monday Night Raw, has confirmed.

Aldis is being brought in for a potential Producer role, is told.  He will be at a number of upcoming TV tapings.  We had reported last month that WWE had interest in him for that role.

Aldis, 36, began wrestling in the UK in 2004 before signing with what was then known as TNA in 2004.  During that run, he became the first British star to hold the TNA title as well as the TNA and IWGP Tag Team Championships.  After his initial TNA run, he held the Global Wrestling Force Championship for the Jeff Jarrett-owned promotion. 

Aldis was the central talent for the National Wrestling Alliance under Billy Corgan's ownership and was a major part of raising the profile of the NWA Championship as part of the "Ten Pounds of Gold" and the NWA Powerrr series.    His NWA title bout against Cody Rhodes at "All In" was a major attraction for that event in 2018.    Aldis held the NWA title for 1,043 days.  His NWA run ended with Aldis announcing he planned to leave the promotion, at which point Corgan suspended him and Aldis was not seen again.

Aldis finished a short, planned run with Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary, losing to Impact Champion Alex Shelley. 

Aldis had just announced he was pulling off several independent dates, citing back issues.

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