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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-06 10:00:00

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Thoughts on Tony Khan's outburst towards HHH using the word secondary in the Cody documentary?

I thought it was another petulant inferiority complex laden outburst by Khan and he came off really badly.  I won’t even get into him saying that AEW is bigger than WWE in some places, I will just focus on how he totally missed the point of what HHH said and went defcon 10 for no reason.  If he actually watched the documentary fairly, instead of looking for a slight to get angry about, the running theme of the show was that Cody wanted to win the WWE Title for his father.  They said it many, many times.  So if there is only one title that Cody would want to win, EVERY OTHER TITLE would be secondary.  It wasn’t a slight, it was the theme of the show.  No other title would satisfy Cody’s dream.  Is it possible that HHH smiled to himself when he said it because he knew it would set the easily agitated Khan off?  I guess so, but if that was his intent it doesn’t matter since what he said was 100 percent correct, every other title is secondary to what Cody wants to get for his father, plus it was part of the story being told in the movie.

Also, what did you think of the documentary?

I thought it was fantastic.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a great look into who Cody is and what he’s all about.  As he said at the end, you have to be honest with the people to connect and he was completely honest in how he presented himself.

Do you think Tony Khan would trade The Young Bucks to get Cody back?

Probably not since Tony would rather have two friends than one.  I think he would love to have Cody back (and he should want him back since things have changed noticeably in AEW since he left) but I don’t think he would give up his EVPs to get him, especially after signing them to new deals last week after all of the drama and ratings drops that have happened with the two over the last year or so.  Clearly, Tony likes The Bucks.

I know you don’t listen to it, but on Bruce Prichard’s podcast, he will argue over what’s been published by Wade Keller and Dave Meltzer, but very rarey you. Does this mean your reporting is much more accurate then theirs?

That’s a loaded question, for sure.  All I can tell you is that I got into this business back in 1995 because I would read things reported in Keller and Meltzer’s newsletters that I knew for a fact were not true and I wanted to create an outlet that wouldn’t do that to its readers.  I am not talking opinions either, I am talking about factually incorrect “news” items, things I witnessed that were reported incorrectly.  When I started in the business, my main objective was to never do that to my readers.  The one rule we always have had is if we get something wrong, we own it.  We don’t ignore it.  I don’t even know if Wade Keller is still in the business, I haven’t heard his name in years, but if you look at the recent All Out story, it’s clear to me that Dave Meltzer covered the story much differently than we did.  We presented the facts, in short everyone was wrong and there is no world where any one person is 99% of the problem.  I think the fact that we are fair is why people like Prichard and Eric Bischoff don’t go after us.

I just watched the great Cody documentary on Peacock. He mentioned he didn't leave AEW bc of money or bc of a person, but a personal issue he wouldn't discuss. I believe I read he left bc he felt positioned as a gate keeper in AEW, and that's not the role he ever agreed with or imagined. Is that your general understanding as well? Or is there more to the story that you recall?

First off, since he doesn’t want to talk about why he left, I won’t talk about it either.  What I have heard from day one is exactly what he said, it was a personal issue.  The guessing game some people played as to why he left isn’t something we would ever put on our site.  I guess that’s at least part of the reason Bruce Prichard doesn’t need to take issue with what we report.

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