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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-01 10:00:00

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Should LA Knight be the guy who ends Gunther’s Intercontinental title reign?  I think the program would be good, it would be a big rub for LA Knight and Gunther is just about ready to move up to challenge for a World title.

Knight is a Smackdown guy.  Gunther is a Raw guy.  So, no.  Now Theory’s Title?  Maybe, it all depends.  Knight could be turning into one of those talents that doesn’t need a Title belt, or at least not a secondary Title belt.  They have money in Knight and it’s pretty clear that they know it.

I never heard Ian Riccaboni before his work on Collision.  He’s fantastic.  I think AEW should replace Excalibur with him.  What are your thoughts?

Ian is fantastic and has been for years now.  Would I put him on Dynamite in Excalibur’s place?  I sure would, but Ian has things going on outside of wrestling that would preclude that from happening.  Plus, it is my understanding that Tony Khan loves Excalibur and what he brings to the table so I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

Xia Li, Piper Niven and other women haven't been seen on television in quite some time. HHH did in awesome job in NXT with the women's division but it doesn't have the same feel on the main roster. Has he changed his philosophy or just too focused on the bloodline and judgement day to push others in a meaningful way?

I think a few months ago this would have been a valid criticism but I don't think that is the case today.  I think HHH had a lot to fix/change when he took over a little over a year ago and the women were on the back burner for a while.  But recently, that has changed.  Personally, I like the practice of keeping people off of TV when they are not in a program.  It's better than having them just be there, with no purpose.

Thoughts on TBS and AEW manipulating the viewership figures to claim that 2.5 million people tuned in to watch Blood & Guts? How do you think they land on this number, when the stats say that it only drew 953,000 viewers?

It's standard industry practice.  WWE does it too.  How do they get there?  Well the 953,000 was the overnight figure.  They add the plus 3, plus 7, stream views, etc to get that number.  I don't have an issue with either side doing it.

The PLE’s in PR and London where there was no giant screen, it looked awesome.  There was just a small entrance with some LEDs and an aisle through the audience.  Should WWE switch to that permanently?  I remember a 2009 Raw at MSG that had the old Wrestlemania 10 setup as well.  What do you think?

To me?  Nope.  Sports use the Tron/Video screen and WWE should too.  It’s a Major League thing.

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