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By Dave Scherer on 2023-07-31 10:00:00

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I don't get it - why are fans booing CM Punk? I understand liking Ricky Starks, but what has Punk done since his return to get booed? Does AEW want this or are fans hijacking the show just bc they can?

This is a great question because it points out something that Tony Khan often forgets: Not everyone who watches his show is the super, over-the-top hardcore wrestling fan that follows every single thing that is “reported” concerning the business.  That’s why only some fans are booing.  In a nutshell, a few hack reporters, with a clear and obvious agenda, sold their readers/listeners a fake bill of goods where CM Punk was 100 percent wrong in the events that led up and culminated at the All Out Press Conference.  They “reported” lies like “Punk got Colt Cabana kicked off of TV,” even though they knew it wasn’t true, Cabana hadn’t been on TV in the first place and Tony Khan himself said the story wasn’t true.  It was indicative of the vendetta that some reporters have against Punk and the way that they used their position to attack him and support their Elite friends.  So when Punk came back, AEW fans who believe the reported lies have booed Punk.  They aren’t hijacking the show, while there may be some contrarians booing him just for the fun of it.  The vast majority doing it have been lied to and they feel they are doing the right thing by booing a guy that they were erroneously told was the entire problem.  Those hack reporters should be ashamed, but they aren’t.  Instead they just keep doubling down on the lies that they have told their followers.  The real story is that EVERYONE involved was at fault, all of them.  To act like it was all one person is just super bad reporting.

Is Brock Lesnar somebody who could easily turn back babyface after his feud with Cody Rhodes?  I say that because I don’t see any other baby faces on the roster that are ready for a program with Brock.  But the heels though, that’s a different story.  There’s a money match with Gunther and before that, Brock could spend time trying to murder an obnoxious Dom Dom who pissed him off.  But could you buy a Brock Lesnar face turn at the snap of a finger after losing to Cody?

Could he?  Sure.  He was a face before the feud.  If they do an angle where Brock said he toughened him up to get him ready for the Title, or something like that, the fans would probably buy it because they want to cheer him anyway.

I saw this fantasy booker on YouTube (also helped found a promotion in England) talk about how he’d end Cody vs Brock.  Cody beats Brock, Brock surprisingly shakes Cody’s hand and casually says Paul Heyman paid Brock a bunch of money to take Cody out.  “It’s just business.”  Would you buy that if it played out of Raw or too unbelievable?

As I said above, there’s a way to do it and that would be a believable way to do so.

If Vince McMahon were Led Zeppelin, what would be his Stairway to Heaven?  What is Vince McMahon’s greatest hit?  Is it Wrestlemania?  Hulkamania?  The Undertaker?  Mr McMahon?  Mr McMahon vs Steve Austin? 

I would have to say taking the company to the point where is about to sell for billions of dollars.  From a character standpoint?  I would have to go with Undertaker since he was around so long and morphed into different versions as time went by.

What should close Summerslam?  Brock vs Cody or Roman vs Jey?  I think without the angles, Brock and Cody is a bigger match than Roman and Jey, but Roman and Jey are playing off the Bloodline Angle, nuff said.  However, Brock and Cody’s angle has been pretty good.  Flip a coin?

Not even close to me, Roman vs. Jey is THE angle, plus it’s for the Title.  That’s your main event.

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