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By Dave Scherer on 2023-07-30 10:00:00

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Do you think that mass WWE main roster cuts are a thing of the past these days?

Like everything in business, it depends on the financial numbers.  If cuts are required, they will be made.  I don't think it's wise to speak in absolutes.

In the past you stated you’d let the Young Bucks go if you were running AEW.  But you would keep Kenny and Hangman, because the Bucks drag them down.  I understand Kenny, he’s better without them, he’s wrestles elsewhere around the world and he at least made an effort to reconcile with CM Punk.  But why keep Hangman?  He’s not on Kenny’s level of star power, he’s been as underwhelming as the Bucks ever since he won the World title, and he had the whole summer of ‘22 to settle the his beef with Punk.  Why not let Hangman walk with the Bucks and find a real cowboy to have his spot?

I would keep Page to see what I could do with him without any unneeded influence around him.  I would like to see how he would react to his friends being let go and see if it would set something off in him to up his game.  I would be I could get more out of him with the Bucks not around.  After all, someone lied to him or at least fooled him into believing that CM Punk was keeping Colt Cabana off of TV.  Maybe without people around to hoodwink him, he could just focus on being the best wrestler that he can.

Can there be a spot for Danhausen on AEW Collision?  I know Collision is kind of incompatible with Danhausen’s scthick, but CM Punk loves him.  Punk plugs Danhausen’s merch on IG, he appears in Danhausen’s skits on YouTube, he even put Danhausen over in the All Out scrum after verbally vivisecting Colt, Hangman and the EVPs.  I’m sure Danhausen appearing on Collision could make sense, maybe as a wacky, interviewer aura, baby face manager?

Could there be a role for him there?  Sure, if booked correctly.  If they evolved the character I don't see why he couldn't fit in on Collision.  Right now though he’s a little too over the top to fit in a show that is more focused on wrestling in my opinion.

Football is a coming back brother, and I know this isn't a football site, but Monday nights are about to change.  Monday Night Football always has some effect on the ratings, and now we also have to talk about Saturdays...  Yep, not every Saturday in the fall mind you, but at least 5-6 times a college football season a MASSIVELY important game is played out partially in prime time or all of prime time, how much bad news is that for Collision?  The one interesting thing, too me anyway, is that let's face it, WWE gets their numbers from a mix of dedicated fans and from casual fans, but AEW for the most part gets ratings made up of insanely dedicated fans.  The kind of fans that would boo a match for not enough bleeding and/or furniture...  Who do you think will feel the hit the most?

The NFL draws better than College Football does so it would seem to be Raw that will be affected more.  But the flip side is, with no new network shows due to the writer’s strike, Raw may fare better this year.  We shall see!

Serious question: Do you just give Rhea the title until she decides to retire? Nobody looks or acts in a way she can actually be beaten clean, on the main shows or NXT. Do you guys have anybody in mind? 

Rhea is awesome, I have loved her work since she came to NXT.  With that said, no I don’t keep the title on her forever.  She’s in her 20s!  I don’t have anyone in mind to beat her right now but that person will come along and when it happens, she will get a huge rub from Rhea.

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