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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-26 13:07:00

Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson has been added to the live event on Saturday 8/5 as part of the fourth annual T-Mart Promotions The Gathering at the Charlotte University Hilton in North Carolina this August.  This would be a rematch from the final ECW Guilty as Charged PPV in 2001 and a revisiting of the actual final moment featured on ECW television when the final episode of Hardcore TV aired.

Previously announced for the live event:

*The Rock N' Roll Express vs. The Headbangers.

*Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Kerry Morton.

*Savannah Evans vs. Samatha Starr.

The Gathering has announced all 24 of their VIP Superticket guests for this August, as well as their signing schedule:

Friday August 4th: Greg Gagne, Jim Brunzell, Brian Blair, Steve Keirn, Gerald Brisco, Larry Zbyszko, Bob Roop and The Barbarian.

Saturday August 5th: JJ Dillon, Manny Fernandez, Denny Brown, Big Mama, Ray Apollo (The final WWF Doink the Clown), Tiger Jackson aka Dink the Clown,Tim Horner, Tommy Rich.

Sunday August 6th: Kurt Angle, The Headbangers, Maven, Gangrel, The Godfather, Ahmed Johnson, Terri Runnels.

Vendor guests appearing over the course of the weekend include Jim Ross Kevin Nash, Jerry Lawler, Lisa Marie Varon, D-Von Dudley, Tully Blanchard, Jimmy Valiant, Baby Doll, Bill Dundee, Kevin Sullivan, Mike Jackson, Austin Idol, Brian Pillman Jr.,  DDP, George South, The Nasty Boys, Greg Valentine, Bret Sawyer, Mr. Hughes, Magnum TA and more.

The Gathering has also announced the following Q&A Sessions for the weekend:

*Championship Wrestling from Florida panel Q&A with Kevin Sullivan, Steve Keirn, Brian Blair, Gerald Brisco and Bob Roop.

*Starrcade '85 The Gathering panel with Baby Doll, Manny Fernandez, Black Bart and more.

*Larry Zbyszko.

*The Rock N' Roll Express.

On Friday evening 8/4 , there will be a dinner banquet honoring Tommy Rich, Verne and Greg Gagne, The Killer Bees, and the late Brian Pillman, hosted by Maven Huffman as the traditional host, former WWE and AWA announcer Ken Resnick will be missing the weekend due to a health issue.  Everyone at sends Resnick our best.

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