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By Anthony Pires on 2023-05-24 20:27:00

t's WEDNESDAY!!! That means my wife is out of the hospital AND I'm back from Europe in time for the Go Home show of AEW Dynamite!  Excalibur, Taz and Tony Schiavone have the call of all the action.

AEW International Title Match: Orange Cassidy vs. Kyle Fletcher

Kick by Fletcher into a brainbuster for 2.  Fletcher recently had to relinquish the IWGP and NJPW Strong Tag Team Ttiles so he's hungry.  Clothesline for 2 by Fletcher. Cassidy rolls to the floor.  Fletcher with a mock of Cassidy and gets thrown to thge apron. DDT by Cassidy on the floor, Cassidy nails a Beach Break and rolls back in. Fletcher beats the count out and they trade rollups. Cassidy with the hands in the pockets.  Kick by Fletcher for 2. Ground and pound by Fletcher.

Fletcher with a suplex. It was delayed as we go to commercial.

Welcome back and it's Fletcher grasping Cassidy. Cassidy with a Stundog into a DDT for 2. Kick b y Fletcher, Cassidy to the floor. Shove By Cassidy, he tries a cross body but its a Michinoku Driver for 2 by Fletcher.  Forearms by Fletcher into a rollup. Forearm by Fletcher. Elbows by the challenger. Brainbuster by Cassidy. Both men are down. Cassidy does his thing and nails a Michinoku Driver for 2. 2 piledrivers by Fletcher for 2. Fletcher sets up a piledriver off the rope and nails an Avalanche for 2.  Leg lariat by Fletcher. DDT by Cassidy. Kick by Fletcher. Rollup by Cassidy and he scores the pin.


We are told that Ricky Starks will be in the Blackjack Battle Royal. Backstage, Starks says he's sick of being jumped by Jay White and Juice Robinson. Bullet Club Gold attack him and leave him laying after a conchairto. 

We hear from Jungle Boy ahead of his World Title Shot this Sunday.

FTR comes out in street clothes.  Cash acknowledges they've been outsmarted so far but it's time for revenge. Dax says no way a couple of TNA rejects beat them.

Here comes Mark Briscoe, the referee of Sunday's title match.  FTR warns Mark not to make Sonjay and Co make him look stupid. Mark slaps Dac and Cash tries to play peacemaker. Here comes Team Sonjay Dutt and Briscoe slaps them all away.

Renee is with Sammy Guevara. MJF offered him the check if he lays down this Sunday. Sammy tells him to shove it and vows ti win the AEW title Sunday

AEW World Trios Title, House of Black Rules: House of Black vs. Metalik, AR Fox and Blake Christian

There a lot of odd rules here, a 20 count on the floor, no rope breaks and no tags are needed. Matthews and Christian exchange armdrags and Matthews with a kick. Metalik jumps in as does Malakai. King is in there and he eats a corkscrew kick. Choke slam by King.

The arena is oddly lit.

Blake and Black battle on the apron, Metalik tags in and nails a moonsault. Shotugun dropkick by Metalik and the action spills to the floor. Fox and King fight it out and it's King with a double chop. Fox with a senton on everyone on the floor. Fox eats a stomp by Matthews. Matthews with a cloverleaf. Fox makes the ropes but nothing doing. Fax finally taps out.


We see highlights of the Elite and Blackpool Combat Club ahead of Anarchy in the Arena.

Backstage the BCC gets ready fir tonight's ROH tag team title match and pump up for Sunday.

MJF comes out and throws water on Tony Schiavone. In the ring he insults the fans in Las Vegas.  Then he insults his challengers and then kind of sort of puts them over as 3 of the 4 pillars. He then turns on them and the fans. MJF reminds us that his contract is coming up. Here comes Allin, MJF demands they cut his music. 

Darby talks about his journey but ultimately gets nailed with a low blow.  Sammy Guevara runs out, MJF runs away but gets nailed by Jack Perry.

Perry poses with the Triple B.

We see a video package on Wardlow vs. Christian Cage.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Lady Frost

Not gonna lie, I am a HUGE Lady Frost fan, even if her husband is bald (inside joke).  Takedown press for 2 by Taya. Headscissors takedown by Frost. Kicks in the corner by Taya into a lariat for 2.  Back elbow and a chop by Taya. Taya misses a charge and a high kick by Frost. BIG lariat for 2 by Taya.  Here comes Jade Cargill and compnay as we go to break.

We're back and it's Taya with a kick but Frost with a cannonball. Frost to the top and a corkscrew press. Taya with a spear. Forearms by Taya. Returned by Frost. Doctor Bomb by Taya for 2. Stomp by Taya and she eats a Frost kick. Back breaker by Taya. Knee strike and a Road to Valhala. Taya with the pin.


Mark Sterling stops Jade from coming to the ring.

Tony Khan announces the first Collision for Chicago.

Alex Marvez is with Hangman Page. Page starts to talk about his friendship with the Elite. He says they are family and family sticks together.

Schiavone is in the ring. He brings out Adam Cole and Chris Jericho for the contract signing. Roderick Strong accompanies Cole. The entire JAS is out with Le Champion. There has been an agreement of no physicality at this signing. Adam IMMEDIATELY signed the contract.Cole says he's going to break Jericho's legs and shatter his jaw. Jericho delays signing and plays video of Britt Baker getting beaten down.

Jericho signs and the JAS threaten Cole. SABU comes out to even the odds. God he looks like the Sheik.

We see video ahead of Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter on Sunday

Daniel Garcia vs. Roderick Strong

Lockup, they grapple into the corner. Front facelock by Strong, Garcia makes the ropes. Headlock takeover by Strong, they grapple in the corner. Punches by Garcia in the corner. Strong with a back breaker as we go to commercial.

We are back and it's Garcia with a sharpshooter. He face plants Strong. Forearm and kicks by Garcia. Strong with a gordbuster.  Lariats by Strong into a bog dropkick. Knee strike by Strong. Backbreaker by Strong for 2. Rollup by Garcia for 1. Jawbreaker by Garcia. Garcia with a Rock Bottom for 2. Garcia with a sharpshooter. Strong kicks out. Gut buster into a backbreaker and Strong scores the pin.


We see highlights of Willow Nightingale winning the NJPW Strong Women's title.

ROH World Tag Team title: The Lucha Bros vs. Claudio Castignoli & Wheeler Yuta

Bryan Danielson has joined the booth. It's a brawl at the outset. Superkicks by the Luchas and they nail topes and dives off the top onto the floor. Driver by Penta for 2 on Yuta. Uppercut by Claduio to Fenix. SlingBlade by Penta to Claudio. Yuta blocks Fenix form interfering as we go to commercial.

As we return, it's the BCC with a leg stretch on Fenix. Cravate by Yuta. Claudio blocks a Lucha Bros tag and hits a Giant Swing for 2. Fenix with a destroyer and they each get a tag.  All 4 men battle it out and a splash by Penta for 2 on Yuta. Claudio saves Yuta. Kick by Penta on both members of the BCC. Double superkicks on Yuta. Fenix with a Destroyer to Claudio and a piledriver to Yuta for 2. 

Claudio blocks a wazzup and Claudio nailes an uppercut and a rocket launcher for 2 by the BCC. Kick by Fenix. The Young Bucks from under the ring block Claudio from saving Yuta from a double stomp for the pin


Moxley runs in and threatens the Elite.

We go to credits.

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