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By James Kurokawa on 2023-05-24 19:28:00

5/24/23 Results for the Best of the Super Junior 30 (B Block winners) from Osaka, Japan:

1 - Yuto Nakashima and Lio Rush vs. Oskar Leube and Mike Bailey

Leube pins Nakashima with a running body press off the ropes. 

Wow, interesting that young lion Leube gets the pinfall win.

2 - DOUKI, TAKA Michinoku and Taichi vs. SHO, Yujiro Takahashi and EVIL

EVIL pins TAKA after hitting Everything is Evil.

Just Five Guys battle with House of Torture after the match.   DOUKI fights SHO into the back locker area and tosses him into the laundry bin, just as SHO did to him the night before.

3 - KUSHIDA and Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Hiromu Takahashi and Titan

Titan pins Taguchi with a springboard double stomp.

Best of the Super Juniors - B Block Matches:

4 - BUSHI vs. Francesco Akira

BUSHI went after the knee that was injured by El Desperado the night before.  

BUSHI trapped Akira in a modified figure four.  Akira taps out.

5 - Dan Moloney vs. Clark Conners

Both men fight all over arena.  Tons of chaos as both men .  Conners gets counted out.  Moloney wins.

6 - Master Wato vs. Kevin Knight

Both men popped the crowd with their aerial moves.  Wato traps Knight in Vendaval.  Knight gets to the ropes. Knight with dropkick to the face.  Knight with a splash and diving shoulder block.  Knight with a Frankensteiner off the top rope.   Two count.  Knight with a superkick and Sky High.  Two count.  Wato blocks the spike DDT and hits a high kick.  Knight with a body press.  Two count.  Knight goes for another spike DDT but Wato counters into a high angle German suplex with a bridge.

Wato pins Knight.

Master Wato gets the lead with 14 points.

Both men shake hands after the match and put each other over.

7 - YOH vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Kanemaru used the same strategy all tournament which was to attack YOH's leg.  Kanemaru stomped and kicked the left knee and weakened the leg with submissions.  YOH fights back with a dropkick and a Falcon Arrow.  Kanemaru with a kneebreaker and a dropkick to the knee. YOH with an inside cradle.  Kanemaru kicks out.  YOH picks up Kanemaru into his version of The Last Shot/Trash Panda.   By dropping Kanemaru on his injured leg.  They exchange kicks.  Kanemaru locks in the figure four.  YOH gets to the ropes.  Kanemaru misses a moonsault.  YOH with a Dragon Suplex.  Kanemaru rolled up into a cradle 

Kanemaru pins YOH.

YOH finishes with 12 points which will not be enough to get to the Final Four.

8 - El Desperado vs. Robbie Eagles

Both men shake hands before the match.   They exchange wrist locks and arm submissions.  Desperado goes for Numero Dos.   Eagles gets to the ropes.  Desperado helps Eagles up.  They trade chops.  Desperado applies an Indian Death Lock.  Rope break.  Eagles with a snap German suplex.  They fight to the floor and into the crowd.  Eagles throws Desperado into the ringpost.   Eagles applies the Ron Miller Special.  Desperado gets to the ropes.   They trade more chops and kicks. Desperado with a back suplex.  Desperado with a vertical suplex and goes for a pin.  Eagles kicks out and Desperado applies Numero Dos.  Eagles gets to the ropes.  Eagles speeds up the match.  Eagles goes for the Ron Miller Special but Desperado gets the ropes.  

Desperado hits a Spinebuster and a Numero Dos.  Eagles hits a Destroyer and a double knee to the face. Eagles slaps and chops Desperado.  Desperado with a knee breaker.   Eagles applies the Ron Miller Special.   Rope break.  Eagles kicks the injured leg and to the chest.  They exchange reversals.  Desperado with Guitarra de Angel.  Two count.  They trade more reversals  Desperado applies Numero Dos.  Eagles crawls out and gets into a sunset flip position on Desperado's shoulders.   Desperado drops and spikes Eagles on his head.   Two count. Desperado goes for the leg.  Eagles tries to kick out.  Desperado with a dragon screw.  Desperado locks in Numero Dos.

Eagles taps out.

El Desperado gets to 14 points and 1st Place in the B Block.

Master Wato has 14 and 2nd Place in the B Block.

On May 26, the Semifinals will be:

1.    Mike Bailey (A Block 1st) vs. Master Wato (B Block 2nd)

2.    El Desperado (B Block 1st) vs. Titan (A Block 2nd)

Winners of both matches will go to the Finals on May 28.

The winner of the BOSJ will earn a match for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title at Dominion on June 4. 

B Block – Final Standings





Clark Conners


Dan Moloney


El Desperado

14 (1st Place)

Francesco Akira


Kevin Knight


Master Wato

14 (2nd Place)

Robbie Eagles




Yoshinobu Kanemaru



* eliminated 

The undercard for May 26 and May 28 have yet to be determined.  Hopefully, there will be some storyline building for the Dominion show on June 4.  

Thank you for reading.


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