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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-24 15:04:00

AEW and Upper Deck issued the following:


-- New, limited-edition “AEW Sensations” Authentic Digital Collectibles feature moments from  AEW’s weekly Dynamite and Rampage shows -- 

CARLSBAD, CA. (May 24, 2023) – Upper Deck, the worldwide leader in sports and entertainment  collectibles, today announced that its relationship with AEW will expand beyond trading cards to the digital space with the introduction of “AEW Sensations.”  

The new, limited edition “AEW Sensations” product is now exclusively available on Evolution®,  the company’s newly launched online platform for buying and trading Authentic Digital  Collectibles. With the addition of AEW Authentic Digital Collectibles on the Evolution platform,  which has quickly gained popularity since debuting in April, Upper Deck continues to build upon  its offering of unique collecting experiences for fans and customers. 

The “AEW Sensations” product is a weekly release that features the top three highlights from  the previous week’s live television broadcast of “AEW: Dynamite” and “AEW: Rampage,” which  air Wednesday on TBS and Fridays on TNT, respectively. Each weekly release will feature a  men’s, women’s, and tag team/group match moment. Packs are limited to 3,000 per week, and  contain one animated Authentic Digital Collectible, with rare parallel versions randomly inserted  across packs. 

“Upper Deck is committed to creating opportunities for new collectors to get involved and  excited about the hobby and join this extensive, friendly community,” said Jason Masherah,  president of Upper Deck. “’AEW Sensations’ is another example of how we’re making this vision  a reality. The thrilling nature of the sport and diehard fan base makes the release of these  Authentic Digital Collectibles all the more exciting, especially with the weekly anticipation to  capture their favorite moments of their favorite wrestlers.” 

Collectors who elect to redeem the entire run of “2023 AEW Sensations” Authentic Digital  Collectibles in each of the three categories (men’s, women’s, tag team/group match) will receive  a Belt Die Cut Achievement as an Authentic Digital Collectible for each corresponding category.  Collectors who earn all three Belt Die Cut Achievements will be awarded an exclusive Dynamite  Diamond Ring Die Cut Achievement on Evolution® as an Authentic Digital Collectible. Collectors  who wish to complete this trifecta will find it key to keep up with the weekly releases, especially 

as Upper Deck plans to add even more AEW Authentic Digital Collectibles to Evolution® throughout the year. 

“AEW’s passionate fanbase along with Upper Deck’s legacy and unique position in the industry  has led to something truly spectacular for fans and collectors with the release of these Authentic  Digital Collectibles,” said Mark Caplan, Vice President of Licensing and Games at AEW. “We love  Upper Deck’s ability to continually innovate and deliver the best for AEW fans around the world.” 

Evolution Platform: Collecting Authentic Digital Collectibles 

Evolution®is the third digital platform released by Upper Deck, once again leveling up the  opportunities for collectors to grow their collections across sports and entertainment properties.  Authentic Digital Collectibles can be purchased on Evolution and either housed on the platform  or traded for another product via Upper Deck e-Pack®, such as other AEW-licensed trading cards  or entirely different collections of trading cards and memorabilia from leading sports and  entertainment properties. Beyond licensed trading cards, Upper Deck recently integrated AEW  into its Vs. System 2PCG universe, the company’s proprietary tabletop trading card game.  

To learn more and explore Authentic Digital Collectibles available for purchase, visit 

About Upper Deck 

Upper Deck is a global entertainment company creating trading cards, memorabilia, collectibles,  games, and online platforms that deliver the experiences collectors crave. Upper Deck has set  the unmatched industry standard for quality, authenticity, and innovation and continues to bring  generations of fans closer to their favorite athletes and characters with unique and authentic  sports and entertainment product offerings, as well as its digital trading ecosystem. The company  prides itself on creating collectibles that produce invaluable experiences for sports and  entertainment’s most dedicated and loyal fans, with a goal to deliver excellence to the  community across the most coveted properties as a means to develop memorable moments for  collectors of all kinds. 

Find more information at, or follow us  on Facebook (/UpperDeck), Instagram (UpperDeckSports), Twitter (UpperDeckSports), and YouTube (UDvids). 

About AEW 

Founded by CEO, GM and Head of Creative Tony Khan in 2019, AEW is offering an alternative to  mainstream wrestling, with a roster of world-class talent that is injecting new spirit, freshness  and energy into the industry. “AEW: Dynamite” airs every Wednesday from 8-10 p.m. ET on TBS  and attracts the youngest wrestling audience on television. The fight-forward “AEW: Rampage”  airs every Friday from 10-11 p.m. ET on TNT, and the new “AEW: Collision” airs every Saturday,  starting June 17, from 8-10 p.m. ET on TNT. AEW’s multi-platform content also includes “Being  the Elite,” a weekly behind-the-scenes YouTube series, and “AEW Unrestricted,” a weekly  podcast series. For more info, check out;;;

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