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By James Kurokawa on 2023-05-23 16:52:00

5/23/23 Results from the Best of the Super Juniors 30 - A Block Winners determined - Osaka, Japan


Taiji Ishimori has been injured and will withdraw from the BOSJ 30.   TJP will automatically earn 2 points.

1 - Oskar Leube and Yuto Nakashima vs. TJP and Great O-Khan

O-Khan pins Nakashima after an Iron Claw suplex.

2 -  Ryohei Oiwa and El Desperado vs. Kosei Fujira and Robbie Eagles.

Desperado applies Numero Dos on Fujita.  Fujita taps out.

Eagles and Desperado will face each other in the B Block which will determine the top two finalists.  

3 - Dan Moloney and Francesco Akira vs. Gedo and Clark Conners

Akira pins Gedo after a Speedfire.

4 - Kevin Knight, Master Wato, and YOH vs. TAKA Michinoku, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Taichi

Knight hits a spike DDT on TAKA.   Knight pins TAKA.

After the match, Kanemaru applied the figure four on YOH on the floor.  They face off tomorrow in the B Block.  

BOSJ 30 A Block Matches:

5 - KUSHIDA vs. Ryusuke Taguchi

Good chain wrestling to begin.  KUSHIDA targets the the left arm and attacks with submissions.    Taguchi fights back and goes for a springboard lariat. KUSHIDA catches him and goes for a cross arm breaker.  They exchange reversals.  Great stuff.   Taguchi applies the ankle lock. KUSHIDA pulls down Taguchi's tights for leverage.  Taguchi locks in the ankle lock tighter.

KUSHIDA submits.

6 - DOUKI vs. SHO

SHO comes to the ring first.  DOUKI's music plays and he does not come out.  SHO goes to ringside and grabs Ryohei Oiwa who was working ringside and throws him in the ring.   SHO announces his opponent in the ring and rings the bell.   He immediately puts the Snake Bite on Oiwa.  The referee and ring officials are confused.  DOUKI runs out from the back all taped up.   He frees himself and attacks SHO.   They battle to the floor and into the crowd.  They fight into the back of the building.  SHO throws DOUKI in a laundry bin.  DOUKI is almost counted out.  SHO gets frustrated but DOUKI fights back with a flying elbow and a double stomp.  SHO tries some tricks and throws DOUKI into the referee.   SHO gets his wrench.  DOUKI gets his metal pipe.  DOUKI blocks an attack with the wrench and hits SHO in the face with the pipe.  DOUKI hits a double stomp from the top rope.  SHO kicks out but DOUKI applies the Italian Stretch #32. EVIL comes in the ring and pretends to throw in the towel.  DOUKI releases the hold and argues with EVIL.  SHO takes off the turnbuckle pad.  

SHO whips DOUKI into the metal buckle then hits a cross arm piledriver.  DOUKI kicks out.   SHO goes for a Shock Arrow but DOUKI reverses out.  DOUKI hits a chop to the throat and hits a Daybreak.  DOUKI plants SHO with Suplex de La Luna.   Yujiro Takahashi pulls the referee to the floor.   EVIL makes a three count.  DOUKI thinks he won but House of Torture is laughing at him.  DOUKI fights both Yujiro and EVIL.   Yujiro with a low blow.  EVIL hits Everything is Evil.  EVIL places SHO on DOUKI.  Yujiro throws the referee in the ring.


7 - Lio Rush vs. Mike Bailey

They start fast and quick, running around the ring.  Bailey stuns Rush with a stiff kicks.  Rush hits a Fisherman Buster/Falcon Arrow.  Bailey rolls to the floor.  Rush with a tope suicida. They chase each other around the ring.  Bailey with springboard twisting moonsault.  Bailey hangs Rush on the top rope.   Bailey came off the top ropes with a double knee. They exchange nearfalls.  Bailey with a flipping double knee to the chest.  Bailey applies a cross arm breaker.  Rush gets the ropes.  They exchange strikes and kicks. Rush hits a Spanish Fly on the floor.  Rush hits another Spanish Fly off the top rope.  Two count.  They exchange nearfalls and reversals.  Rush hits Rush Hour.  Bailey escapes the Final Hour.  Bailey with a spinning roundhouse.  Bailey hits the Flamingo Driver.

Bailey pins Rush.

Mike Bailey earns 14 points.  Bailey earns the top spot in the B Block.

Lio Rush finishes with 12 points.

Tetsuya Naito appears and the crowd chants for him.  He goes to sit with the Japanese announce team.

8 - Hiromu Takahashi vs. Titan

Hiromu and Titan acknowledge each other with an LIJ fist bump.

Both men were evenly matched, as they tried for quick aerial moves.  Hiromu hit a dropkick and slowed things down with a neck vice.  Hiromu hits a suplex and they exchange strikes.  Titan does a matrix escape of a lariat and he hits a superkick.  Titan sends Hiromu to the floor with multiple kicks and nails a tope suicida.  Titan gets an Indian Death Lock variation.  Hiromu gets a break and favors his knee.  They exchange more strikes.   Titan with tope con hilo.  Hiromu catches Titan off a charge and hits a Dynamite Plunger.  Two count.  Titan with a tornado DDT.  Titan applies an Inmortal submission. Hiromu blocks the move and goes for the ropes.  TItan goes for a top rope double stomp.   Hiromu grabs him off the top rope and turns it into a Time Bomb 1.5.   Two count.  Hiromu hits a lariat.  Titan reverses out of Time Bomb II and they exchange nearfalls.  Titan hit a big superkick and a running lariat.  Titan hits a double stomp off the turnbuckle.  Titan applies Inmortal.  

Hiromu taps out!!  Wow!

Titan wins and earns 12 points.

Hiromu finishes with 12 points.

Mike Bailey takes 1st Place in the A Block.  He will face the 2nd Place of B Block.

Titan takes 2nd Place in the A Block.  He will face the 1st Place of B Block.

Hiromu Takahashi's streak of winning BOSJ ends.  He has won three in a row previously.

A Block – Final Standings





Hiromu Takahashi




Lio Rush


Mike Bailey

14 (1st Place)

Ryusuke Taguchi




Taiji Ishimori

10 (Forfeit)


12 (2nd Place)



* eliminated 

B Block finals will be tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


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