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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-24 10:00:00

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Is it time for CM Punk to reach out to Vince McMahon and make amends, plus reach out to his friends involved in the UFC (the TKO Umbrella), and tell them all, “Guys, please buy out my contract and we can all make some money together.  Jacksonville and I are done!”

Therein lies the problem, he’s under contract to AEW.  You can only buy out a contract if the person holding it wants to be paid off.  Until Tony Khan initiates it, I don’t see WWE doing any kind of tampering do to legal reasons.

AEW's ticket sales have been fantastic for All In. I'm not being facetious or taking ANYTHING from them. After being fans for decades, we're just suddenly now going to take a promoter's word on numbers? One who is known to twist narratives, allow lies, embellishment and flat out sweep anything under the rug that even remotely makes him look bad. I don't believe this, but you know... journalism, verification and stuff is my question.

We have seen the actual sales number on independent sites that are getting the numbers from Wembley.  I fully understand your hesitance to trust a promoter though.  It’s a good thing to not blindly believe.

You hear the word "tribalism" thrown around a lot these days by wrestling journalists and fans. I personally believe AEW and WWE share most of the same audience. When AEW was announced, I was elated and briefly a fan of their product. Through Corny, other wrestling personality audio (and some serendipity) I was exposed to, uh, groups of influence I had always heard about yet somehow avoided, My question would be: as someone who knows/knows of and has decades of experience with fans and these groups, do you think the AEW/WWE issue is fanboys being immature? Or is it a bigger picture issue of influencers misinforming which in turns makes AEW look more hated by association even if the fan interacting isn't directly criticizing AEW? Is AEW causing themselves problems online the very way they cause it themselves backstage because of the company they keep and the tantrums TK throws? 

I want to say up front that I don’t go into the bowels of the message boards/Facebook/Reddit, etc.  I won’t say that everyone in those places are imbeciles, but there are enough morons there to not make it worth my time to sift through the proverbial feces to find an occasional well thought out gem.  The most interaction I see is when I make the mistake of reading things on Twitter (which isn’t often for the same reason mentioned above).  What I see almost entirely is this: Loudmouthed AEW fans acting like tools and WWE fans who couldn’t care less what they say.  I think it comes from an inferiority complex by some AEW fans and the unrequited love, well hate, that they have for WWE fans is not reciprocated.  The AEW were foolishly convinced that what they love in wrestling blows away what WWE does.  They felt that all the world needed was to see their five star matches on national TV to see how wrong they were about liking WWE.  As soon as they saw how great it was to just watch people perform in matches, they would bail on WWE and come over to AEW.  They feel that everyone is as “smart” as they are and will understand how great Wrestler A vs. Wrestler B is.  They feel who needs good storylines, we just not five star matches.  Three year plus into AEW, those people have been proven wrong.  WWE is blowing away AEW and I think it just makes the Five Star Match fans (TM Mike Epsenhart) angrier and nastier.  It probably makes them even more upset that the WWE fans won’t take their bait when they try and antagonize them.  As I have said for decades, to some fans the actual wrestling match is the least important part of the show for many fans.  Some AEW fans just can’t seem to understand that, so they act out instead.

Why do AEW wrestlers want to be called demo gods, ratings draws when the only people who care are hardcore fans and those fans are fully aware of the numbers that disprove their claim PLUS can publicly post proof right on their own Tweet? Everything that roster does makes it way too easy for the average Joe to rag on them... and win.

I don’t think that they care about the average people.  As I mentioned above, they market to a certain chunk of the fan base and it seems like they would rather do the things that they do now and stay where they are audience-wise than try and embrace things that would draw in fans who like more than just moves and dream matches.

A VERY prominent Twitter user posted, "Which of these matches for Omega would you most want to see in London: MJF, Okada, Ospreay or Ibushi."? So on TK and the AEW roster's back they're gonna sell ~70K tickets and 3/4 of your best insinuated options don't even work for the company. How about I want to see Kenny Omega wrestle someone from AEW and they're involved in a (hopefully) hot angle! Or am I completely nuts here?

Mike Eps and I talked about this on Saturday.  It seems like at this point, they have sold the “I want to be there” tickets.  At this point, I think the booking will probably sell the rest.  I agree with you, I would rather see a great storyline written for Kenny that would lead to him having a match with someone who works for AEW full time.  But, a lot of their fan bases, as well as their owner, live for dream matches so I wouldn’t be shocked to see Tony go with that.  It’s not the wrong move, since his fan base will like that, but it may keep people who like stories from deciding to go see the show live.

Note: We heard from a few readers that Wembley Stadium has a retractable roof so if rain is in the forecast, AEW can have the roof closed for All In.

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