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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-23 10:00:00

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How do you feel when a reporter who used to be pretty good but now gets a lot of things wrong says that PWInsider’s report on something is mostly correct?  And how do you feel when the same reporter who said you were mostly right was totally wrong on the story?

Honestly?  I think that reporter is a clown.  First off, like you said, he was way off on the story.  Mike Johnson was not.  Mike was 100 percent right.  If the Bozo in question had just said Mike was correct?  Fine.  But the Krusty in question said Mike was mostly right, then babbled on and never mentioned anything that Mike was NOT right about.  That means Mike was right.  Not mostly right.  The Pennywise in question could learn a lot about how to be a great reporter by following Mike Johnson’s example.  Oh, one more thing he could learn is how to tell his audience when he was wrong.  That’s what professionals do.  The sad thing is that all of the misreporting being done by that individual is bad for the industry.  That’s what bugs me the most.  We, as reporters, owe it to the subject we cover to be fair, impartial and accurate.  It’s something we should all strive for.  When people are 0 for 3 in those three important pillars they don’t belong in our profession.

What was your real time reaction to the Ready to Rumble movie? What were your thoughts as you were watching it for the first time? Growing up with the movie, I enjoyed it and have seen it more times than I care to admit back in the day.

Honestly?  I never watched it.  I had no desire to see it.  It's not just the movie though, there are a lot of projects like that I had no desire to watch.

How can Roman Reigns be considered the locker room leader when he’s only part time?  In sports, you wouldn’t make the captain of your team the captain if he decided he didn’t want to play in every game.

In real sports, older players get perks.  In the NFL, Wednesday practices are optional for most teams for instance.  I think the way you see this is the problem.  The man has beaten cancer twice and turns 38 years old this week.  In entertainment, concessions are made to top stars.  It’s the way business is done.  To me, he carries himself like a pro and has earned the right to work a limited schedule.  Given his health issues, I think it's pretty cold for anyone to hold that against him.  Some fans only care about what they want.  If something happens to the wrestler, they move on to the next one.  If I were a wrestler, I would put my best interests first as well.

In advance of the new AEW TV deal announcement, all signs point to All In: London being broadcast on the new MAX streaming app. I just wonder though; how may AEW fans will actually subscribe to this new service just to get AEW content? The ratings and PPV buys are down, so it’s not like you can guarantee AEW fans will go all in (pun intended) on the service. Won’t it just end up like NJPW World, where most fans only subscribe for one month, just to watch Wrestle Kingdom, then cancel right afterwards?

You sent this on May 15.  It didn't age well did it?  In any event, if and I mean IF, All In: London is broadcast on MAX, yes fans could absolutely sign up for a month to see the show and then cancel the service.

What's the deal with Wembley if it rains? I know the AEW roster is full of hookers, stretchers and AAU champion wrestlers. But there's always that one up n' comer on their show that just has to get a hurricanrana in from a 20 foot ladder down onto 3 tables and a bed of nails. What happens then if he slips and the ladder's soaked and the guy breaks his neck? August is London's wettest month. The big dog of wrestling journalism is insinuating that WWE is running Money in the Bank at the O2 because WWE thinks they couldn't draw flies at Wembley. I think safety and unpredictability of weather would have had something to do with it, no?

If by the “big dog” of wrestling you mean the guy who keeps getting things wrong and then never posts a mea culpa, it may be a good idea if he says look up to instead look down.  With that said, I like the sarcasm in your post.  It’s right in my wheelhouse.  I would think they would have some kind of cover over the ring in Wembley, like WWE does at WrestleMania when they are outside.  That would allow the spot machines to do their prerequisite mandatory spots to check off all of the items on the guru judge’s list as they try for their coveted five (or six or seven) star match from their fearless leader.  I wish that there wasn’t a covering over the ring and that it poured.  It would force the spot machines to actually work a real match.  Some of them can do it and when they do, they have matches I enjoy.  Unfortunately, some of them have brought PWG to national TV, thinking it would beat WWE (which of course it hasn’t come close to doing).

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