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By James Kurokawa on 2023-05-25 23:08:00

Welcome to the New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV report!

We are at the opening night of the 2023 Best of the Super Juniors Tournament!

 Hiromu Takahashi vs. Mike Bailey

Bailey shook hands with everyone.  When he shook Hiromu's hand, Hiromu picked up for a Dynamit Plunger but Bailey escaped.  They moved with such speed and hit each other with strikes.  Hiromu hit a shotgun dropkick to Bailey on the floor. They battled into the crowd.  Hiromu ran from one end of Korakuen to hit Bailey with a dropkick.  The referee almost counted out both men.  Back in the ring, both men moved with such speed.   Bailey hit Hiromu with wicked kicks.  Hiromu tried to  throw Bailey with an over the head belly to belly suplex, but Bailey landed on his face instead of his back.  Bailey recovered and tried to hit a double knee on Hiromu, but Hiromu moved and Bailey hit the ring apron.   Hiromu came over the rope with a sunset bomb to floor.  

Hiromu throws Bailey in the ring and hits a Dynamite Plunger.   Two count.  Hiromu goes for a Time Bomb but Bailey reverses out into a roll up pin.  Two count.  Bailey hit a Spanish Fly.  Two count.  Bailey hit a double spinning round house kick in the corner.   Bailey went to the top rope and hit The Ultimate Weapon on Hiromu's back.  Ouch!

Bailey pins Hiromu.

Mike Bailey earns 2 points.

Hiromu Takahashi has 0 points.

Good match.  For many of the the first timers in New Japan, including there were some shaky moments, but still an entertaining event.  Hiromu and Bailey were awesome.   Mike Johnson has put over Mike Bailey on the We Dont Need No Stinking Name Show and I will agree.   Bailey looks much better than when he wrestled multiple times at Wrestlemania weekend last year.   He was impressive against the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion and he could be in line for a title shot, even if he does not win the BOSJ 30.   

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