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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-21 10:00:00

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So Tony Khan made a deal to get a Saturday show that was supposed to be centered around CM Punk, but he didn’t even make sure to lock down CM Punk first?  He had to know that Ace Steel was part of the situation, so how didn’t he iron out Steel’s role before announcement day?

That’s a great question and only Tony knows the answer to that one.  Of course if asked, I am sure he won’t be able to comment due to “legal reasons” or maybe even “an ongoing investigation”.  At the end of the day, the inability to make sure Punk was locked up really took the steam out of the announcement.  With that said, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if, with the week Tony bought himself before announcing the location of the first episode of Collision, he finds a way to make amends with Punk.  Money talks.  Everything else walks.  That show will have its challenges with Punk on board.  It will be a lot harder without him. 

I heard Dave Meltzer’s bizarre recounting of what transpired concerning the Punk situation on YouTube.  He said he wasn’t totally sure what happened, but then said that Mike Johnson’s report on the situation was pretty close.  How could he know that Mike was pretty close if he didn’t know for sure what was going on?  He also said that the only people who knew what was going on were Khan, Punk and Ace and maybe one or two other people.  Really?  Not even Megha, the legal counsel, knew?  Then he said he only knew what he knew, “because of certain people I know, that are on a certain side that never talks to me, except they do."  What does that even mean?

I have to be honest, I laughed out loud when I read this.  The worst thing that ever happened to Dave Meltzer was AEW coming along.  It’s his kryptonite and it makes him say things like what you said above.  Here’s the deal, the day Mike Johnson needs Dave Meltzer to validate what he reports is the day pigs fly and I do a tope con hilo.  That may sound callous but it’s true.  Mike has been ahead of this story from the start.  He never wrote a “this could be the biggest day ever” for AEW column like Meltzer did (I am waiting for the follow up on that one, it will probably come out around the time Tony Khan releases his investigation findings).  Mike never reported the bizarre rights fees story that many other sites did, many of whom did so as if it were a fact.  We discussed their possibility but never acted like it was a done deal (and in fact, we were skeptical of the numbers being tossed about from the day inaccurate goofs started the rumors and other clowns fanned the flames).  As for who else knew, Meltzer saying that just made me laugh.  Sure, those three went into the old Get Smart Cone Of Silence and talked about the issue.  Then when they left, they pricked their fingers and did a blood vow to keep what was said between themselves!  Then they got on their scooters and went for ice cream. Jesus, what a dumb thing to say.  Yeah, Punk and Steel wouldn’t talk to their wives about this subject.  Tony wouldn’t talk to Megha.  Yeah right.  To me, the only reason to say something like that was to point the finger at one of the three, and you know that wasn’t Tony.  The funning thing is, he said that and also said that he heard from people who he doesn’t talk to, but talks to.  Was that one of the three you mentioned?  This stuff would be comical if it wasn’t so sad and the reason I will continue to comment on it is that it makes MY industry on the whole look bad.

On another note, to his way of covering this from “sides”, doesn’t it prove it’s slanted coverage?  He made a point of saying that all of the trouble makers would be put on the the Saturday show.  Doesn’t that prove that he absolves The Elite, Sammy, etc. of any role in the problems that AEW has backstage?

At the end of the day, his use of the word “side” says a lot to me.  His calling people who have issues with The Elite troublemakers or whatever.  In the end, the truth is the truth.  Everyone involved has done wrong things.  Anyone credible will state that.  People who act like the people that they like are totally blameless?  I just laugh at their sad transparency.  

Do you think there is merit to the argument that some formerly credible reporters continue to soil their reputation and report lies because they were convinced AEW would beat WWE and since it hasn’t happened they can’t admit they were wrong?

Absolutely, 100 percent I believe that there are at least two people that do that.  They thought that they knew what the wrestling fans really wanted and they have to be embarrassed to be proven so badly wrong.

Is the reason that AEW didn’t report that they are getting a billion dollar deal from Warner Brothers Discover because they are actually getting a gazillion billion?

You popped me.  Now I will wait for the NEWZ site report that says, “AEW IS GETTING A GAZILLION BILLION FROM WBD!”

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