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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-16 10:00:00

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I'm sorry, but the WWE draft is just dumb.  The only draw they have right now is Roman, and what you are saying is unless you as a TV network purchase the rights to the show he is on, you won't ever get Roman on your network.  Historically speaking we know they can't get anyone else on his level, so the value of the show he isn't on is just going to be seen as NXT+ and it's value goes to the toilet, and I'm sorry but Brock being a free agent doesn't make up for that.

I am not a fan of the draft either.  With that said, Roman is THE top guy but I don’t agree that they don’t have other talents that are over.  They aren’t at his level but they are over.  Raw isn’t close to being NXT + in my opinion.  Also, let’s not forget that it’s not like WWE never lets talents cross brands.

Not for nothing, but in story line land, wouldn't you beg to be a free agent?  Now you can seriously go for any title you want, and since you are a "free agent" if you beat one of the champs, what is to stop you from hopping to the next brand and unifying the titles again?  

If it were a legitimate draft, I would surely want to be a free agent.  No doubt.

How do you anticipate AI helping out hurting professional wrestling in the future,  based on what we know now about "AI"? I checked out Google’s AI chat model and it had some interesting opinions about pro wrestling....I don't disagree with it's opinion about Shawn Michael's being the greatest professional wrestler.  They say this new wave of tech and intelligence will replace a lot of our current jobs.... what can you envision it doing to the talent and behind the scene professionals? Scary but fascinating. 

I honestly don’t know.  Obviously, I can write stories, which is scary.  It does college level papers.  Again, scary.  I know Tony Khan won’t ever turn over the booking to AI and I doubt WWE will either.  I could see WWE using it as a tool to bounce ideas off of at some point.  Indy shows?  Yeah, I could see it for sure.  It’s definitely scary to me too.  The machines could take over after all!

Why haven't Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre mentioned anything about being left out of the World Title tournament? These guys were the top challengers for Roman's belts, but they don't appear too interested in the new World Title. I know Drew's off TV, but I feel like the others should have at least addressed not being included in the tournament, even if their creative direction is different.

The creative team didn’t book them to say anything and honestly, if they say that they want it, and they aren’t in the tournament, it doesn’t make any of them look better.  It also would make the Tag Titles seem secondary.  It’s better to just not address it at all in my opinion.

It's been said that the winner of the title tournament will be seen as a lesser champion since they did not beat Reigns.  But what if they did?  The participants of the tournament have been announced, but the Bloodline could attack and take out one of the participants and somehow Roman is able to take their place.  The Bloodline blatantly interferes in the triple threat and Roman advances, they interfere in the main event and he wins.  At Night of Champions the Bloodline interferes again, but Reigns loses.  The new champ is crowned and gets the rub from beating Roman.  Reigns could still claim to be the champ since his title(s) was not on the line.  It could even be one of the Usos to cause the loss to further the tension in the Bloodline storyline.  Or Sami to get revenge.  What do you think?

I don’t think we needed a new Title, first and foremost.  If they were going to do it, I think Roman should have wanted it but got boxed out by WWE management. I don’t want to see him lose to the new champion because it taints his Title reign.  It would have been most effective for him to say he will take that one too, only for Adam Pearce to tell him he’s not in the tournament.  But, they didn’t go that way.

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