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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-20 10:00:00


True or false: Wrestlemania III was supposed to be built around Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I don't know that it was entirely going to be built around Arnold, but WWF officials including Vince McMahon did travel to a movie set (I THINK Predator) to woo Arnold, but they weren't able to make a deal.  I don't know what his role or the story would have been, but obviously Mania 3 did OK without him.

Is it possible WWE could do regular PPVs in Puerto Rico after Backlash?  That was awesome.

I don't know about regularly, but as we reported last week in the Elite section, there were talents hoping San Juan would be named the new permanent home for Backlash given the insane energy the crowd brought to the shows WWE produced that weekend.  Time will tell if that actually happens.

Rumor killer: Is Jimmy Valiant's son really named Handsome Jimmy?

Having met Valiant's son once years ago in Atlanta at a Greg Price convention, I can tell you that is absolutely true.  Valiant's youngest son is indeed named Handsome.

Where is Shark Boy?  I'd love to see you interview him again.

He is living in the Ohio area and I will reach out and make it happen.

I loved the Danny Cage interview you did.  Any word on a second season of Monster Factory?

We are told they are hoping to hear next month or so if Apple will go forward with a second round of episodes for a new season.  The show has been excellent, so I hope that's the case.

You churn out a lot of content weekly.  What's the most frustrating part of your job?

It's easily time management.  Over the course of a single day, in this role, you could be required to chase stories, write, edit, produce your own audio updates, record said audio updates, perhaps post material written/recorded by others, conduct interviews, be required to watch a LOT of hours of material, read over a lot of legal material (and decipher it), financial/stock material (and decipher it), travel, cover live events, pay attention to anything that ancillary to pro wrestling that readers may find interesting and lots of other stuff I am forgetting off the top of my head.  There's lots of little and not so little things being thrown at you consistently, so the day is never the same, which keeps it from being boring, but there is also lots of times where I have spent time I could have used on other responsibilities instead spent on chasing stories that you hear being passed around that eventually go nowhere, etc.  That can be frustrating, but also the nature of the beast.  I never, ever get everything I want done over the course of a day, so even when I'm done for the day, there's always a feeling of being behind on SOMETHING.  So, if I had another 10 hours a day, I'd be great, maybe.  Probably not.  Lack of time is always a curse in this sort of gig as this isn't the type of job you clock in and out of unless you are sleeping and to the chagrin of non-wrestling friends and family members, there's always SOMETHING happening that I need to check on or maintain a close eye on via a mobile device.   But, the positives largely outweigh any frustrations, especially since I genuinely enjoy the job and it's usually how I find myself relaxing, as strange as that sounds given everything I've just written!


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