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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-13 10:00:00

I can't believe Sami Zayn is being booked for the WWE Night of Champions.  Do you think WWE will hype that this is history-making?

I don't.  The fact is Sami has wrestled on live events there and was actually on the first Saudi Arabia live event back in April 2014.  I believe they will treat him as any other talent going, unless they do an angle to take him out beforehand,

In 1996/1997, when The Undertaker was wearing his Phantom of the Opera style mask, was that to hide the fact that it was Brian Lee playing the character?


No, The Undertaker vs. Fake Undertaker build and Summerslam match in 1994 didn't feature either Undertaker wearing a mask and that was the only time Lee appeared in that role - the build to that match and the match itself.  The Undertaker wore the mask in 1995 after suffering an orbital bone injury, so they created a mask that played off the Phantom of the Opera to accentuate his look.  Lee was in ECW in 1996 and then worked as Chainz of the DOA.

I remember a woman dressed like Trinity from The Matrix movies in WWE for a short time - who was it and where is she now?

The only person I can think of who ever had that sort of costuming was Gail Kim when she first debuted in WWE.  She's now working behind the scenes as a Producer and in Talent Relations for Impact Wrestling.

Has WWE signed Carlito?

Not as of yet.

What are the odds WWE books Khali vs. Omos one day?

Now that you've thrown it out there,  a little more likely I guess?

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