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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-14 10:00:00

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Any explanation as to why The Acclaimed lost the tag team championships? They were hot, great crowd reactions, made Dynamite fun to watch and now they are on Rampage. The team they lost to, The Gunns, are no longer champs. Were the Gunns transitional champs because The Acclaimed did something wrong or were not willing to lose to FTR? Its just rather odd for The Acclaimed to be held off when they were over with fans.

There is an explanation, it's Tony Khan booking.  I wish I had a good explanation, but I don't.

This site is definitely the best way to keep up on the world of Pro Wrestling from over here in Australia, thank you.  My question: another week, another Tony Khan "major announcement".  As someone who enjoyed TNA back in the day (still enjoy Impact now TBH), I remember Dixie Carter used to cop an earful from reporters and fans alike for the amount of "major announcements" she would publicise, and often rightfully so.  Tony Khan however seems able to avoid this criticism despite what feels like announcing more "major announcements" in a shorter period of time.  How is he able to duck the criticism that so many before him have been unable to shake?

Tony is lucky enough to have some very AEW friendly outlets covering his company.  But, credible sites, like this one, call him out on his hot shooting and "major announcements".  I have done so many, many times, and compared him to Dixie Carter.  With that said, I believe this week's announcement, which should be about either the new Saturday show or a long term deal with WBD (if not both), will actually live up to the hype.

Who grows a better mustache, you or Vince McMahon?

Me, but it's not much of a win.  And to be honest, I only have one because my wife likes it.  I highly doubt that is the case with Vince.

Thoughts on AEW’s gate for Wembley so far?

I think it’s an awesome feat and everyone involved should be proud.  Moving tens of thousands of tickets without even announcing a match is a great accomplishment for the company.

Great site! I watch MLW and AEW, but I get my WWE from you guys. Whatever happened to Real1 in MLW? I read an article on here about a month ago that said he was gone and I haven't seen where you have mentioned why he was let go and I haven't seen where he has wrestled anywhere in the indies. And I thought 'EEEEvvvverybody Knows'.

Both sides said that he wasn't under contract and they parted ways. 

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