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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-09 10:00:00

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I really want to root for AEW but Tony Khan makes it hard.  Obviously, there was the childish tweet to the ESPN reporter but even when Tony is not acting petulant he says things that turn me off.  The other day, he was tweeting about the success of the Wembley show.  Then I got to the point where he wrote, “This is one of the greatest success stories in wrestling history!”  Clearly, he’s right but in my opinion he shouldn’t be the one saying that and he turned me off, again.  Thoughts?

Reading your question reminds me of when he sat down with Steve Austin.  Austin was putting him and his PPV over big time and Tony couldn’t just accept that, he had to then say how great everything was.  I am with you.  Tony should absolutely tell the world how great Wembley is doing.  He’s also correct that it’s a great success story but to me, he shouldn’t be the one saying it.  The media and the fans should be.  I know his defenders will say he’s “just promoting”.  The way I see it, he’s bragging so I can see how it makes him unlikable to some people, for sure.

I just saw C.M. Punk post about a hockey game on Instagram. Isn't he stabbing Tony and The Elite in the back by trying to get a deal with the NHL like that? 

You popped me.  The sad thing is, I know at least two supposed journalists I could see trying make that assertion into a story!

Just wondering- why is the piledriver effectively “banned”, but the Canadian Destroyer is on every second show in all the promotions? (Don’t get me wrong, I kind of appreciate that the piledriver is so seldom used now that it gets such a huge pop from me when it is brought out of storage ie Punk/Cena)— but from someone who doesn’t take bumps, the physics of the landing look very similar, and I’d assume more potential for error with the Destroyer with the rotation. 

I think it has more to do with the fact that piledriver exposes the head every time someone does it but I agree with you, I don't the Destroyer is a move that needs to be done.  For one thing, there does always have that feel for potential injury when it's done but my bigger issue is that it's a move that clearly could never be done without cooperation from the guy taking it and I am not a big fan of spots like that.  I am more of a "could I use that in a real fight" kind of fan.

Is it fair to think the Bloodline storyline may have jumped the shark?  Sami Zayn didn't overthrow Reigns, Cody Rhodes couldn't get it done, nobody can.. they created a new championship.  It's starting to feel like the nWo. It was a great storyline that doesn't know how to end.

You can say it if you want but I would disagree.  I don't think we are at that point yet, or even close.  I get that fans today haven't had to wait for stories to play out so it's a bit of a new concept to some fans.

It’s well known that Kurt Angle visited an ECW show in late 1996 and was offended by the angle where Raven “crucified” The Sandman. Was anything ever reported about how Angle reacted to the Undertaker sacrificing Steve Austin and others on his cross/symbol in late 1998 and early 1999?

I was a few feet away from Angle when that happened in ECW and oh yeah, he went off like a bottle rocket.  I think there were some differences between 1996 and 1998, where I don’t remember him having any issues with what Taker did.  For one thing, ECW did a cross and Sandman had a crown of barbed wire thorns.  It wasn’t hard to see what it was mimicking.  For another, Angle wasn’t in the business yet and he didn’t know what it was all about.  By the time the Taker thing happened, he did.  Plus, it was a blatant reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ like Raven did in ECW.

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