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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-08 10:00:00

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How much of a problem is Sami Zayn being a tag team champion for the upcoming show in Saudi Arabia on 5/27?  

Unless he and/or the company has a change of heart about going to/or being allowed to skip the shows in Saudi Arabia, it presents a situation for sure.  If Sami won’t go (and I don’t blame him one bit), they could keep the tag belts off the show, maybe due to an injury angle.  They could take the belts off of KO and Sami (which would be the wrong move in my opinion).  Or they could do an injury angle for Sami and have someone step up and fill in for him.

What is Endeavor's relationship with SA?

I can’t say what it is today but in 2019 it was really bad.  After the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi Ari Emanuel returned a $400 million investment that the Saudis had made into Endeavor.  I can’t say if things have changed with how the company views the Saudis, but that was a pretty significant stand to take 4 years ago.  After the sale of WWE is completed, it would be pretty hypocritical to force any of the talents to go to the country if they object to doing so.  As for the relationship, there are years left on the contract so unless there is an out clause, they will have to fulfill it.

Do you think All In London will air for free on TNT or TBS? 

That's a great question and I don't have the answer.  If I am Tony Khan, I look for the best financial offer and go from there.  If I didn’t get something I like, I would make the show available as part of the ROH subscription.  It would be a good way to get people to try that service for a month.  With the massive gate that they are doing, they could take that chance.

Do you know what happened to AEW Dark & Dark: Elevation? I know they weren’t hugely popular, but I enjoyed seeing new talent getting a chance to further build their brands.

They came an end, some would say a merciful end.  There is a lot of talk that it’s due to the new rumored Saturday night show.  I can’t confirm that but it would make a lot of sense.  Two more hours of first run paid TV makes those shows expendable.

When AEW started, their tag team division was far superior, to no surprise due to Vince’s perennial neglect of tag teams. But now, am I bugging, or has the WWE tag team division been quietly rebuilt and is now far superior to AEW’s division?  With The Usos, Zayn/Owens, Street Profits, Viking Raiders, Ricochet/Strowman, Pretty Deadly, Brawling Brutes, Imperium, and the Alpha Academy, suddenly you have defined teams that can all “go” in the ring. Now, the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship story is hot enough to main event a night of Wrestlemania! Could it be argued that the surging tag team division is HHH’s biggest achievement? 

I am on the record as saying I am not a fan of most of the booking in AEW.  It’s too hot shot and lacks actually developing characters to make me, as a fan, invest in them.  Just look at the hotshot lineup for this week’s Dynamite.  Tony Khan is calling it a PPV and he isn’t wrong.  He booked this card way too quickly, with no build up or promotion.  It would seem it as done in response to last week’s low rating, but it could also just be par for the course.  The reason I say all of that is I want to make it clear that in MY OPINION, AEW booking doesn’t resonate with me.  I get that it does with others and I am truly happy for those people.  So with that said, to me AEW and WWE’s tag team divisions were equal before HHH gained booking control.  Now?  WWE’s tag division is clearly superior in my opinion.  Is it HHH’s biggest achievement so far?  I would say no.  The cohesive storylines and character build up, which has led to the rise in WWE business year over year, are the biggest achievement to me thus far.

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