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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-06 10:00:00

What do you think is the biggest difference between today's generation of wrestlers vs. the previous generations?

The older names were brought up very old school and had the respect for the business beaten into them, often literally. The newer generation, while I wouldn't say they don't respect the business, often approach their bouts as more of a performance, while the older guard treated it with the mentality that they were going to war. It's a small nuance but a huge difference.   Not everyone today looks at it as a performance but in my mind, that's more of the prevailing mindset.

I know you're not into fantasy booking but is there a feud that never happened that you would've like to have seen?

Roddy Piper vs. Terry Funk.

You often mention different books.  I thought the Dustin/Goldust one was very underrated.  Has there been any talk of a sequel?

Not that I am aware, although he certainly had a great career and his story is one worth telling if he ever wanted to continue writing about it.

What did you think of the team of Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis? I really like them they had good teamwork and and got good heat your thoughts please thank you.

I actually feel they are one of the most underrated teams from that 80s era. There was a real raw, edgy, hardnose feeling to their matches and they were a pair of great heels in their own right, but together, they had a really good team since they were both ring generals to begin with. It will never happen, but I'd love to see a compilation of their work released and it's a shame they aren't mentioned in high acclaim these days.  I'd like to see each honored in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

Are you in the Dark Side of the Ring about Tammy Sytch?  I ask since it's probably your reporting that makes up the majority of their story.

No one contacted me from the show.  I won't be on it.  I am OK with that.  I have no idea whether any of my reporting is used in the episode.

Whatever happened to Serena Deeb and Madison Rayne in AEW?

Both are still with the company.  Rayne is there as a Coach/Producer beyond her appearances in the ring.

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