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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-07 10:01:00

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With the news of the Writer's Guild of America going on strike, I'm curious if we do see some additional wrestling content, either in-ring on outside of the ring make its way onto television if this strike happens for a while. Do you have any thoughts on that?

First, once Endeavor takes over control of WWE they will absolutely be open to anything that makes sense financially for the company, strike or not.  I think that the longer the strike goes on, the better chance wrestling will have of filling in some holes for networks.  It’s relatively cheap and dependable at a time where it’s getting harder for networks to find content like that.

So Punk hanging out backstage at both RAW and Impact was 100% a power move on his part, right? He’s letting AEW know that he’s got options if they don’t do what he wants. Gotta admire the guy for that.

I don’t know what his intentions were so unlike some of my so-called peers I won’t act like I do and state my opinion as if it’s a fact.  My opinion?  It was all pretty innocent.  For one thing, he doesn’t have to show AEW anything.  They are paying him, very well.  He’s under contract to them and Tony Khan knows Punk’s value.  He could have negotiated a buyout with Punk but he didn’t.  If/when the new Saturday show starts, Punk will be uber valuable to him.  I really just think it was Punk visiting with people.  If it got people talking?  Maybe he was fine with that but I don’t think it was any kind of power play because there was no play to either be made or actually made.  Of course, that doesn’t stop some people from creating a faux story.

What happened to NXT's Stevie Turner? Is she injured? The showed her promos for weeks around the holidays season doing her radio/DJ gimmick, she debuted, and then she disappeared?

She is still with the company.  It's possible she is injured by I can't confirm that.

Dax Harwood said he resigned w AEW bc he didn't think Vince or even HHH really gets the FTR team. The way he's been used as a single and FTR has been used as a team, over the years and recently, how much worse could it possibly be? 

Man, I agree with you on that one.  Of the three, HHH used FTR far better than Vince or Tony have in my opinion.  But if Dax is happy, that's what matters.

Will the writer's strike have any impact on professional wrestling? Are WWE'S writers part of a Hollywood union?

It won't affect WWE's writers.  They are not in the union.

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