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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-03 10:00:00

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I have seen two hack reporters constantly put all the blame on CM Punk for the situation that blew up last year.   It’s clear that they have an agenda.  How would you allot blame in the situation?

What any fair person knows is that it started publicly when Hangman Page double crossed Punk on live TV.  Everything that happened before that is mostly a he said, we said thing.  Who didn’t like who or what was undermining who is in dispute to any credible reporter/commentator.  Clearly there were issues before the night Page went off script.  Once he did, there was no accountability.  As I have said all along, the majority of the blame falls on Tony Khan.  He should have nipped the thing in the bud, and he even admitted at the presser that he should have righted the lie many outlets “reported” concerning why Colt Cabana wasn’t on TV.  He didn’t and things escalated.  Where Punk and the EVPs are concerned, I hope the two reporters you reference can get this through their thick heads, they were ALL wrong.  There was no right side in this.  Anyone who tries to say Punk or The Elite are blameless clearly have an agenda.  They also aren’t good at what they do.

Short and sweet.... What the "F" is WWE doing to Rollins? Omos... Seriously?! It seems like they've been misusing Seth for way too long to the point of being insulting.

I hope it's to give him a big win, literally, going into the Title tournament.  I don't think anyone was clamoring for that match.

Do you think Tony Khan should split brands like WWE. He certainly has enough talent he could rotate.

Formally?  I wouldn’t.  In practice?  I think if done without fanfare, keeping people away from others could lead to anticipation for when talents do face off.  So if the new Saturday show comes later this year, I would be fine with certain talents being on it and others on Dynamite, but I wouldn’t make it a formal thing.

I get that it’s wrestling and logic is fluid. But, was there ever an explanation for why some rope breaks are a 5 count (such as a stomping on an opponent in the corner of the ring) and others are ten?

There are so many instances like that.  If they don’t have a good explanation it’s better to just not even bother.  Of course, it would be even better to just be consistent but you can’t have everything.

Even though Triple H wants RAW and SmackDown to each have a world title, can Roman Reigns (along with Paul Heyman) overrule Triple H’s idea due to having creative influence backstage?

Well, we aren't sure that this wasn't a Vince McMahon idea.  In any event, no he couldn’t overrule the company.  It’s outside of his purview.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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