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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-02 10:00:00

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Whilst I am happy that WWE is creating a new World Title, was it the right scripting to say, seeing as no can beat Roman Reigns we will just create a new world title, already this new world title is shown as inferior to Roman's belts. Why not say, Roman will be exclusive to one show, so the other show will receive a new belt and leave the rest out.

That would have better than what they did, for sure.  As I said on the show with Mike Johnson, that segment was painful.  HHH had to put polish on a turd.

A lot of speculation on who’s going to win the new WWE title at Night of Champions. Of all the names thrown around to be the first winner, one was just tossed aside during the announcement. What’s stopping Roman Reigns from going after it too?

HHH's announcement I guess.  He said Reigns will get drafted to one show so the other will get a belt.  It was lame.  If Reigns doesn't want it or get a chance to go for it, it's secondary to his titles.

Who should be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions”

I would go with Seth Rollins if it were me.  As he aptly pointed out on Raw, Roman hasn't beaten him.  If it's someone who Roman has beaten, the Title is lame from the get go.

Will the new World Championship be of the lineage of the original WWE championship, or the lineage of the big gold (old WCW) World Championship belt?

I don't think it will be either.  It's a new Title so I think it's lineage starts with the first winner.

So CM Punk swung by Raw backstage for a few moments and left. Now what happens first: a certain journalist report on his betrayal to Tony Khan/AEW, some “cryptic” tweets from Elite and Jericho or some kind of shoot comments on Wednesday night?

The certain journalist chose to take first place.  He rose up and didn't disappoint, well unless you consider a once respected journalist becoming a bitter person with an agenda that he is allowing destroy what's left of his credibility to the intelligent fan base.  

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