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By Dave Scherer on 2023-05-01 10:00:00

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There's been a lot of talk of what is and what isn't "wrestling journalism". This site, along with some others such as Fightful, seem to have actual sources, seem to not publish just for shock value, and are unbiased with their reports. That, in my experience, is actual journalism. There are a ton of websites that don't follow those rules and MANY times just take from other websites, such as yourselves. My question is, this site has the paid PWInsider Elite page. It seems like within minutes of you posting on your paid section, that other "wrestling news" sites repost what you rightfully charge for. Why doesn't PWInsider go after those sites as much, especially when a lot of it isn't actually credited BACK to your site? Which I would expect hurts your overall revenue.

Yep, there are a lot of scumbags out there and we are aware of them.  We do what we can to force people to do the right thing and when we catch people using our Elite content, which everyone who signs up agrees to the terms of service that state it’s for their PERSONAL use, we shut them down.  We shut down two such people this week alone.  But, there are a lot of lowlifes out there that have no morals so it’s a battle, for sure. I wish only the worst things in life on them.  

Do you think introducing a World title will lessen the impact of whoever now beats Roman Reigns for the Undisputed title. I absolutely get having another title that can be important but Reigns being 'the man' and having both titles now seems lessened as there is now seemingly going to another World Champion in the company.

Yes, I sure do.  The guy who beat Reigns would have gotten a HUGE rub.  Whoever does it now will get a rub, for sure, but to me it won't be the same as if Reigns was still the only champ.  The one caveat is that if someone who Reigns beat, like say Cody, wins the new belt, then it will be secondary to Reigns' championship from day one.

Was anything HHH said about the new belt/title a shot a Roman Reigns? Is there some differences between WWE and Roman Reigns?

Only they know for sure.  I didn't take it that way because HHH did say that Reigns earned the right to not wrestle as often.  He put him in the Brock Lesnar category.  Again, I can't say for sure but my gut says that there aren't issues.  They know Roman is a huge draw.

I have seen chairs thrown at the head of wrestlers on both Raw and Smackdown recently.  Is that an Endeavor mandate?

I have not heard that but that doesn't mean it isn't.  I cringed watching those shows when chairs were thrown at the heads of people.  I guess they could say it's safer than taking an actual chairshot to the head but in 2023, with what we know about CTE, there's just no excuse in doing it in my opinion.  While I know that some fans love seeing it, it actually makes me care less about the match.  It's cheap.

It keeps getting reported that It’s more likely than not that CM Punk returns to AEW. While it makes sense to have a feud with The Elite why in the world would Punk ever trust any of them with his body. I mean the way those guys behave how does he not worry about one of them dropping him on his head or doing something in the match to make Punk look bad?

I couldn’t agree with you more.  Now if they had just had the blow up, and that was it, I could see them maybe patching things up but the first night the three EVPS got back on Dynamite, what did they do?  They mocked Punk.  Then they do the reality show and crybaby Matt starts whining about how he was so upset that he may retire.  Please, napalm couldn’t make him leave AEW.  If I were Punk I would not trust those three, or Hangman Page for that matter.  Plus, The Elite have seen massive ratings drops for their matches in the past.  Punk goes the other way.  I wouldn’t want to give them the chance to bring down my numbers of allow me to let them raise theirs. 

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