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By Mike Johnson on 2023-04-28 10:01:00


Any idea when this new AEW show will be announced?

If I am AEW, I want Warner Bros. Discovery to announce it and push it hard to their advertising partners at the upfronts next month.  That has more of an impact and an ooomph to it vs. just issuing a press release or announcing it on Dynamite in a short segment.  My gut says they announce the new TNT series then.

Did you ever meet Herb Abrams?  Dennis Corraluzzo?  Tod Gordon?   Paul Heyman? Vince McMahon? Triple H?

I did not meet Abrams.  I met Dennis many a times attending his shows and always had great dealings with him.  Are you new to this website?  I think it's pretty obvious I've met Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman, especially since I did stuff for the old ECW website back in the day.  I met McMahon once, in passing, at a charity event in 1994.  It was well before I was writing about pro wrestling.  I have met and interviewed HHH many a time.

With Wrestlemania in Philly, any chance Wrestlecon will be at the 2300 Arena?

A site for the Wrestlecon event next year hasn't been locked in yet we are told.  I expect there will be a lot of wrestling at the Arena.  I don't know if Wrestlecon will be there.   If I am the management of the Arena, I am holding out for the highest bidder(s) and letting that place run an endless amount of wrestling that week, 24/7.  The Arena has a license to print money in that there will be fans from all over the world in Philly who will want the chance to sit inside that venue, because its the former ECW Arena, and experience it for themselves.

Where's the one market you'd like to see Wrestlemania in?

I think Las Vegas is overdue for a Mania return.  Baltimore/DC and Minneapolis have yet to host a Wrestlemania, so I guess I'll go with those, even though you only asked for one.

When Hulk Hogan came to WCW in June 94, coincidentally or not the Big Gold Belt became the WCW world title belt after unifying with the International title, and phasing out the 92-94 strap held by Vader and Ron Simmons. Have you any insight into if this was intentional? Was it because Flair was more of a Big Gold guy? Did Hogan want it because it was a bigger strap? Or because his hero Dusty wore it? It just seemed like an interesting detail that, between Clash of the Champions and Bash At The Beach, got glossed over.

My gut is that whoever was in charge at the time, which would have been Eric Bischoff, had Hogan hold onto the belt that had the largest association with the NWA/WCW, which would have been the big gold belt - plus it was a hell of a lot better looking than every other title belt of that era, anyway.

I saw you have written about some of the Pro Wrestling Hall(s?) of Fame in Iowa and NY and stuff and my question is whether you think you'll ever be inducted?

I've never thought about it, but my gut is probably not.  The body of my work is online and most of those who are tapped are those who have created physical media, like George Napolitano, Bill Apter, etc. or those who have published books and newsletters or even done a lot of historical research.  I don't think, from my perspective, I fall neatly into any of those criteria and I don't know that digital media will be seen the same way by those who are involved in the voting for those Halls.  I honestly don't even know what the criteria for those Halls are.  I was honored a few months ago with a Lifetime Achievement Award named for the late Blackjack Brown and I can't think of a higher honor than to have been the first person to have been given that award, especially given how much I deeply loved Blackjack as a friend.  My award really is the fact I've been able to do this for a living, and hopefully that continues for many, many years.  All I try to do is the best job I can humanly do.  Anything beyond that is beyond my sphere of influence and I tend, especially as I get older, to not concern myself with things outside of that sphere.


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