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By Mike Johnson on 2023-04-22 10:01:00

Can you confirm or deny a rumor Kevin Nash got into a fight at Wrestlecon?

I don't know that I would call it a fight but we reported it in the Elite section.  I did not witness the incident but the basic story that was relayed by several was that a fan was bothering talents in the bar trying to video them and was asked several times to stop.  After some words, Nash got physically involved and ended the issue.  The police were called and the fan in question was said to have been arrested.  Nash was not.

Maybe I missed this but has Rick Steiner addressed the Gisele Shaw incident?

Not publicly to my knowledge, he has not.

With his book coming out and Wrestlemania 40 in Philly, do you think WWE will put Tod Gordon in the Hall of Fame?

I don't, because for whatever reason, WWE has chosen to take the narrative that Tod was the guy who started ECW and then sold it off to Paul Heyman. That really isn't the case. Gordon put his personal money in to create it and ran it for many years, because he wanted there to be something different for wrestling fans because he loved wrestling. He was the one who brought ECW to TV for the first time and footed the bill as it expanded into new markets. He brought Paul Heyman on and allowed ECW to become what it evolved into and even after he decided that Heyman's plans to make it into something bigger than Gordon envisioned were different from his own, he allowed Heyman to buy it from him and take it on. Even after that, Gordon performed, he helped with creative, he was pretty much an agent and an ambassador at the same time, he was the voice for the people, etc. Once he left in 1997, ECW was never really the same, either. How anyone can ever say that doesn't amount to a Hall of Famer is beyond me, but all that said, I don't see WWE ever wanting to honor him. They should, but hey, they should also honor Sam Muchnick, Roy Shires and a lot of other promoters. Maybe they'll surprise us by doing it down the line, but I really, really, really don't see it ever happening. That said, Tod is a first ballot Hall of Famer in my book and I think in the book of anyone who really understands their history. He put his money where his mouth is and changed wrestling. That's something not a lot of people can say they accomplished in the modern era.  It's him, Paul Heyman, Cary Silkin and Tony Khan in that regard.

What do you think of an all-ECW WWE Hall of Fame in Philly for that matter?  Heyman,  Raven, Taz, Dreamer, Sandman, etc.

I'm not unopposed to them putting Paul Heyman and the promotion as a hole in, but I'd rather see anyone they want to put in honored of their own accord, not just because they were part of ECW.  ECW was a big part of their lives but the most successful members of the promotion had runs in WCW and WWE after as well.  If I had to put an ECW act into the Hall because it's Philly, I think the BWO or Sandman would be a great idea, because they were all Philly acts that launched there.  If I was Paul Heyman, I'd want to be inducted in NYC, but it wouldn't be his call as to when or where he goes in.

Any talk of Ricky Steamboat wrestling again?

I have heard nothing of the sort.

Who would be the most unique talent to do an autograph signing at this point?

The former Nailz has never done a wrestling convention or signing.

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