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By Dave Scherer on 2023-04-16 10:00:00

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Is it fair to say that the root of all of AEW’s problems, where his talent keep doing things to embarrass him, start with Tony Khan?

Of course they do. I have been saying it for years now.  Tony is super nice to the wrestlers and they take advantage of him.  When word that Tony is talking to CM Punk about coming back leaks, suddenly stories are being fed to some in the media to try and blow up the return.  Talents go on social media and say things that undermine the overall good of the company continually because there are no repercussions for bad behavior.  That all comes down to Tony letting them get away with it.  If he ever wants to get control he needs to show the talent who is the boss and put in place a structure where he makes the professional wrestlers (and some others) act professionally.  No matter how you feel about CM Punk’s shoot promo, it sure looks to me like he was right saying he worked with children.

If you were Tony Khan, would you fire Brandon Cutler for the tweet he made, then deleted, about CM Punk?

Yes I would.  It would send a message to the locker room that that kind of garbage has to stop.  And since I don’t even know what his value actually is to the company, other than being whatever he is to The Young Bucks, it wouldn’t hurt the company one bit if he left. 

Why do you think some formerly prominent reporters keep spewing the narrative that CM Punk was 100 percent wrong and that Adam Page, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega were 100 percent right in the issue that took place with them?

The only reasons I can think of are:

*They are incompetent at what they do.

*They are feeding a narrative as a way to make their pro-AEW readers happy.

Anyone with a working brain knows that there is plenty of blame to go around and to act like either side is blameless show a bias that taints anything that they “report” to me.On another note, the same reporters say that FTR and CM Punk should and apologize to The Elite.  They say nothing about the Elite doing the same thing.  Are these guys so blind that they didn’t see The Elite mock Punk in their first match back after being sent home after they went into Punk’s dressing room uninvited after the press conference?

Anyone who says that one side should apologize but the other one doesn’t have to is clearly biased and I don’t trust a single thing that they say.  Should Punk apologize for hitting the Bucks?  Yes, as long as they also apologize for, at least, bursting into his locker room uninvited.  Should he apologize to Page?  Sure, after Page apologizes for firing the first public shot in this ridiculously stupid situation for shooting on Punk on national TV.  Anyone who can’t put blame on both sides clearly has an agenda and is not impartial at all.

I know you don’t like The Young Bucks.  Have you ever thought of changing the name of your paywall from Elite?

First off, no way I would do that.  We have had the name since 2004.  If anything, they copied us, not the other way around.  Secondly, I don’t know The Young Bucks.  I can’t say if I like them or not.  What I don’t like is how they carry themselves.  The last straw from me was when they pulled the garbage that they did when they returned to the company last year.  They acted like the victims on the All Access show yet the first thing they did when they came back was publicly mock Punk.  They are The Lollipop Guild for a reason.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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