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By Dave Scherer on 2023-04-18 09:59:00

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All leading up to WrestleMania I heard you talking about stories and characters and paying dues before reaching the mountaintop.  Then I watched the Dusty Rhodes Biography and his vision talked about everything you talk about.  I am 28 years old and never got to see Dusty in his prime.  I am guessing you watched a lot of his work.  Was he an influence on you?

I can’t say he was an influence because I am not a booker or a wrestler.  But what I can tell you is that I loved Dusty’s work and his booking was exactly what I want from wrestling.  It was real people in real situations that led to a fight.   I was a Dusty/Jim Crockett Promotions guy for sure.  In fact, his work is what really made me a wrestling fan.  I lived in the WWWF/WWE territory and it didn’t appeal to me.  Then cable and Jim Crockett promotions hit my airwaves and for me, I was hooked.

What are you thoughts on the Dusty Biography?

I loved it.  It was a great trip down memory lane.  I suggest any and every fan watch it.  

Do you think the sale to Endeavor would be affected at all if Vince would die before it gets finalized, or is it beyond the point where him being gone would massively affect things?  I'm obviously not wishing anything on him, and I do think the sale to Endeavor is a good move, but looking at his age, it is possible.

I think if that happens, Linda McMahon and the family will make the deal happen.  It makes too much sense to not go through.

I'm guessing the two year contract Vince will have with Endeavor will officially start when the sale is complete.  Assuming he doesn't do anything to get him a golden parachute beforehand, do you think he resigns at the end of it, or does he quietly walk away?

I can’t say to be honest.  I need to see how he assimilates into the structure of the company before I can take a guess at what the future holds for him.

From reports I've seen they weren't one of the finalists, but do we know how serious the Saudis were about buying WWE and/or how long they were actually in the running?

They were definitely serious about buying it.  How close they were to actually doing it?  I am not privy to that information.

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