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By Dave Scherer on 2023-04-12 10:00:00

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With all the money he's about to make do you think his next move will be to purchase the "Hair club for men" so he can go around saying "I'm not just the owner! I'm also a client!" But seriously.... What the heck is with that look? 

Normally I don’t critique someone’s personal appearance but it’s hard not to do so in this case.  I have no idea what Vince was going for but unless he was trying to emulate a cartoon villain like Snidely Whiplash, I have no idea.  What makes it worse is we have seen him on TV for years with gray hair and now he does this?  I guess it bugs him that he is getting older but I have no idea.  I actually laughed the first time I saw it. He looks like he lost a bet.

I understand you might not like this scenario because whomever defeats Roman Reigns is being pushed to the moon.  But with The Bloodline always interfering in Reigns matches how about having all the faces interfere?  Roman loses the title and it can progress the story that it took an entire locker room and sets up rematches.

Faces shouldn’t cheat. I have no issue if they come out and even the odds but if they cheat, it makes them no better than the heels.  Even the odds?  Yes.  Cheat no.  When the belt goes to the new champ, it should be totally clean.  

Does Vince's new position with Endeavor give him any control in UFC? 

No, Dana White will be in control of UFC and Vince of WWE.

I emailed Dave this info but because they great job you guys have done while I was on the promotion subscription, I decided to renew at the two year subscription. All your staff is awesome and like I said to Dave, Mr. Mike Johnson is the man. The day and age of false reports and mindless speculation, I really appreciate the professional approach all of you take. On to my question. I was wondering about this ever since the reformation of the LWO, is Zelina Vega the first female member of the LWO? I am only going off memory here and I can’t recall a female member. I know this maybe because of the Backlash Event in PR but I love the revival of the LWO. Being a Mexican American, I love the representation that it gives. I’m hoping that this will give Santos the opportunity to show how good he is and maybe how great he can become, while elevating everyone in that group. Zelina deserves more opportunity to wrestle and show how talented she is. 

First off, thanks for the kind words and the support.  Mike Johnson is a machine, no doubt.  He’s the best.  Yes, Zelina is the first female member.  I think she deserves to show the world how good she is because she’s fantastic in the ring, no doubt. 

So Endeavor owns 51% of WWE, since they are also the biggest agency for actors in the world, can WWE performers still be classified as independent contractors? I would think that SAG-AFTRA would go after Endeavor for owning a company where performers (different from the UFC fighters) are on TV every week as non-union actors.

I am wondering the same thing.  My hunch is that things will stay as they are because if they don’t, it will cost the company a significant amount of money.  

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