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By Dave Scherer on 2023-04-11 10:01:00

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With all the uproar about VKM possibly being back in control of creative.  and the uproar it has caused, I want to ask you about HHH’s booking.  I read all the time on the site that you believe he is a great booker.  I’d tend to agree if we were talking NXT black and gold version, and once he took over on the main roster I started watching again after being a lapsed fan of several years because it was HHH at gorilla.  Main roster has been a different story in my opinion.  Better than Vince!  No doubt, but I don’t think his booking on Raw and Smackdown has been great at all.  Outside of The Bloodline storyline (which was already going when HHH took over), I’m curious what you feel has been great?  Most of the people he brought back haven’t made an impact, Bray Wyatt has been completely botched, and much of Raw and Smackdown is completely unwatchable IMO.  Many felt (including you I believe) that once we got through Wrestlemania we’d then fully see what HHH could do with the booking, but now that may not even happen if Vince is in charge full time.

Anyone who expected HHH to book the NXT style on the main roster simply doesn't understand business.  His NXT appealed to the smart fans, and that was great.  It was also, by far, the lowest rated of WWE's three weekly TV shows.  Hardcore fans are a subset of the audience.  Most week's AEW does about half of what Raw does and 40 percent of what Smackdown does in viewership, and that is with the third hour of Raw weighing down the average.  HHH knows that WWE fans are more than just that subset.  I am typing this on Sunday and HHH has booked one post Mania show, and Smackdown was great.  As for the booking, if you only thought The Bloodline storyline was the only good thing going into WrestleMania, there is nothing I can say that will change your mind so I won't even try.  If you want to try Elite for a month, just go back and listen to the shows I did before and after Mania.  It's all there.

As amazing as The Moment would have been, I don’t have a huge problem with Cody Rhodes falling at the first hurdle and presumably having to fight to get a rematch against Roman Reigns. I also realize it’s classic heel booking but it’s getting tiresome that members of the Bloodline interfere over and over again to help Reigns win. What is the end game here, at least once Reigns is past 1000 days as Universal Champion? Who takes the title, and how does WWE make people care about a match where they simply expect Solo Sikoa to interfere again?

Your questions are exactly what makes it all so interesting.  We don't know the answers, and that makes it fun to watch.  With that said, there is a point where the scenario goes to long and they have to make sure to not let it get to that point.  They aren't there yet for me.

My main problem with Cody losing is that he just...lost. Bloodline screwed him but he lost. I get that some folks are happy with just that storytelling but I feel like if they'd done something (and in theory they still can) where Triple H is the main reason behind all of this it'd be so much better. I feel like a segment with Levesque where he admits he didn't stop Solo Sikoa and encouraged Brock to betray Cody because he didn't want to see that little Rhodes pissant win the title after he left and tried to act like he could besmirch the Game with his golden shovels and his broken thrones would add a personal note and give Cody back his glow- he didn't lose, Levesque still holds a grudge and that's why the American Nightmare's not champ right now. Do you think that works as an out that keeps Cody golden or no?

You and I watched a different match.  Cody didn’t “just lose”.  He had Roman on the ropes.  Solo interfered to the point that the ref tossed him.  Then he snuck back up and spiked Cody in the throat.  That isn’t “just losing”.  That is having the match in hand and then getting screwed.  It creates a hurdle to overcome.  Cody hasn’t had any storyline hurdles to overcome yet.  Now he has two.  The harder the road, the bigger the pop when you overcome.

So with Vince supposedly back in charge, do you think that Mondays beat down of Cody was Vince's way of saying "F-you" to Cody for starting AEW?  You know Vince holds grudges and has done things like this in the past. 

I will resist the urge to be snarky and try to teach you something here so that you don't jump to ridiculous hot takes again.  First thing first, VINCE SIGNED CODY.  He booked him to beat Seth Rollins, even though he had the torn pec.  Beyond that, Vince has had control of the company all along.  He could have nixed Cody winning the Rumble.  He didn’t.  He could have booked Cody to get destroyed by Roman.  He didn’t.  He has had control of the company the whole time HHH has been booking.  I don't know how people forget that.  Think about things before having hot takes.

UK fan so still using the WWE network and not peacock. Where does the sale of WWE effect how the network/peacock runs? If at all?

WWE has a deal with Peacock that will be honored for its duration.  The WWE Network will be there for people outside of the US.  Endeavor won't take away something that is making money but I would expect that they would try to shop the rights outside of the US for a bigger payday.

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