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By Dave Scherer on 2023-04-10 10:00:00

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I heard you blame Mike Johnson for everyone jumping to the conclusion that Vince was back in charge.  I am kidding, you really blamed the people who didn't read the full story.  I will come to Mike Johnson's defense and say it was one of your competitors (named deleted) who incited the panic.  After Mike's balanced story, the other reporter wrote above Vince:

"But he’s there, and he’s the decision maker, and he’s number one. He’s number one, that’s it. Triple H has gone from being ‘the guy’ to being basically what Paul Heyman was and what Bruce Prichard was before".  

Obviously, that isn't the truth but this reporter fed into the insanity and I have yet to see a retraction.  How has your industry become so welcoming of people who just say things, as opposed to actually report like PWInsider does?

Sadly, it's not just my industry.  There are lot of, at best lazy reporters - at worst hacks, in all forms of media today, and when I find those outlets they become my go to for accurate news.  There used to be a journalistic standard to do the job correctly.  Some outlets still do that but far too many report their hot takes as facts.  Too many of them don't do the footwork to get the whole story.  Too many are just rubes who get worked by "sources".  It's sad.  The only positive in it for us is that we have developed a reputation with the smart, informed people who want the truth and when these stories happen, they come the site, which is great for our business.

I saw Mike’s post about Deranged needing help with his medical expenses and it made me think about all of the wrestlers I see today doing things that make me think they will be in the same position down the road. What would you say to them about what is waiting for them?

Honestly?  I won’t say anything to them because they won’t listen to me.  They are young and full of piss and vinegar.  For instance, would Darby Allin listen to me about the damage he is doing to his body when he makes the decision to be thrown down a flight of cement stairs?  Nope, he won’t.  In the future, the bill will come due for all of the abuse that these talents are doing to their bodies with unnecessary abuse.  This is a business where doing the basic things take a toll on the body.  The excessive abuse just exacerbates that. I hope they are saving their money now because they will need it then.

Do you think that the only way that Roman Reigns loses the WWE Championship is when he vacates the title considering that he is unbeatable and has some sort of creative influence backstage?

No, I don't.  In fact if anything, that is the only way that he won't lose the Title.  Unless he gets hurt, he will put someone over.  He's a pro.

I have a question about AEW's reality show. I've watched both episodes and I don't understand what they are thinking. Do they understand how bad this show makes them look? Having Britt Baker as the focal point was a mistake. She's coming across as smug and unlikable. The Young Bucks portraying themselves as underdogs trying to prove themselves feels fake. Their attempts at sincerity are cynical and forced. Sammy Guevara's plucky young boy with a dream act is laughable. Both episodes he's tried fake crying and almost dug his eye out to get some tears. Do they really think this makes them look relatable? Do they lack all self awareness? 

I am not a fan of reality TV because it’s not really reality.  But man, this show?  It’s not good.  I laughed out loud at the crybaby Bucks.  I am with you, to me they are unlikable.  Honestly, I only watched the first episode and have no desire to see it again but admittedly, I am not in the audience that they are trying to reach.

Oh no!  Vince McMahon may be back to ruin WWE for us all.  I doubt it happens, but what do you think about a scenario where Vince books Raw and Paul Levesque books Smackdown?  

I see no scenario where Vince does that.  One, if he wants to control things he will control it all.  Two, I see no scenario where he puts himself in a position to be outperformed by Paul Levesque's creative.

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