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By Dave Scherer on 2023-04-09 10:00:00

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So given that WWE is now owned by Endeavor. Also given that the man who owns it is a major Hollywood mogul. Is that an incentive for certain WWE performers to think about what their future might hold? Do you think it will be easier to cross over? Considering that outside of Roman Reigns I can't think of a current male performer who could transfer over easily. Although I often thought Kevin Owens could star in a Kevin James lite sitcom. 

First off, they are not owned by Endeavor yet.  The deal hasn't closed.  I expect it will, but it hasn't yet.  With that said, I absolutely see the potential there for WWE stars to branch out into other major endeavors, pun intended. 

Also given how fickle being on the roster can be outside of TAKFA Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch who is going to go Hollywood and try to be at as an actress. What do you think the future will hold for Liv Morgan, Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Sonya Deville, Bayley, Alexa Bliss, and Rhea Ripley. Do they become trainers, coaches, producers of the business or do they go back into the world seeking regular employment.

I am not Nostradamus (come might even call me NostraDumbass) and can't predict the future but I do know that every woman you mentioned is extremely talented and I think there will be many opportunities for them once they hang up the boots.

I haven’t seen a WWE PPV in years because I was bored with the product.  Now that Triple H is in charge of creative and things seem to be much better I am interested again.  My one concern is do they still have the endless recap videos between matches on PPVs like they used to?

I never thought that they had endless recap videos.  They have some recaps, for sure, but the main videos are on the pre-show.  I don't mind video recaps and at some times they are a great way to buffer between matches, especially have a big emotional investment.  As for watching PPVs, you really missed out last weekend.  The two days of WrestleMania were the best shows I can remember in a long, long time.

Dave, for several months I’ve seen your comments on Tony Khan as a booker, leader, etc. and couldn’t agree with you more. I noticed every few weeks Tony likes to put out notices about major announcements to be released on Nitro, er, I mean Dynamite. Correct me if I’m wrong but it also seems to me that ratings tend to be higher when he does that. Then the following week their ratings seem to drop when he doesn’t make a major announcement. Does this seem correct and if so do you think he does this to get a pop in their ratings? It’s his job to do whatever he can to get more eyeballs on the show but seems like a cheap way to do it. 

I have not kept a log of the numbers when he makes the grand promises for Dynamite but it does seem that he does them after a lower rated show and I don't remember them really spiking the number.  Even this week, the audience went down after the Wembley announcement.  I honestly don't know if Tony is trying to use promoter's hype or if he is just genuinely excited about the announcement.  But if it's me, I stop making the announcements in advance.  It just sets expectations too high for people.  That isn't Tony's fault but it's the reality of the situation.  I think he would be better served to just make announcements like Wembley and Jay White and let the buzz happen afterward, organically.

For a wrestler as dominating and great as Asuka, both in NXT and on the main roster, how mind boggling is it that she’s now 0-5 at WrestleMania?

That is a wild stat, for sure.  I will be honest, I didn’t even know it until you told me.  I would think she would have gotten a Mania win by now but with Vince McMahon in charge of four of them, I am not surprised.  This year, with HHH in charge, the cards just didn’t align for her to get a win.  I hope she does before she retires.  She is tremendous and amazing, one of my favorites for sure.

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