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By Mike Johnson on 2023-04-06 10:00:00

Thoughts on AEW running Wembley Stadium?  That's a big move!

It is a big move.  I think that you have to give them credit for swinging for the fences here.  I can't imagine that with staging and production, they will go for 90,000 fans but even if they get 25-30,000, it would be the biggest live crowd in the company history.  They have a long way to go to get there, but you have to think that running the UK for the first time ever, when they are airing weekly on the British equivalent of NBC and the fact that majority of their roster hasn't been in the UK in forever will go a long way, especially since The Khan family name means more in Britain than it does in the United States due to their ownership of Fulham FC.  Once we get to the pre-sale tickets next month, we should have a barometer of what to expect but it's absolutely taking the biggest swing ever at bat, so I give them credit for the move.  We will know in a few months whether they have the right creative plans and marketing to nail whatever their goals are for the show, but based on emails, fans are excited in that market and that's always a good thing.

WWE is only inducting a small number of people into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Why? Do you think they’re moving the Hall of Fame to another time of the year, SummerSlam perhaps, and will do another, larger induction then? Just my opinion, but I think it work better because it would be able to be a special event again and not have to be crammed into an already crowded weekend like it is now with Mania. What do you think? Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do.

I honestly think a big part of it was that since the show is more or less an added attraction at the end of a Smackdown taping, that they don't feel the need to go all out with a larger class and a "big attraction."  They are right.  I love your idea of moving the Hall to Summerslam or even Survivor Series weekend (where it first started originally) as a way to make those events larger weekends.  I hope we eventually get to a full blown Hall ceremony again as well.

Would AEW EVP Kenny Omega simply not look back at the Dynamite footage to see Hangman was in the right, and Don Callis is forever the manipulative carny?

You are 100% correct, but that's not how the dramatic flair of pro wrestling theater works!

Any update on the Rick Steiner-Gisele Shaw deal?  Is there any video footage of the incident?

Nothing beyond Wrestlecon did try to get the two sides to talk but I don't believe they did.  The fact it's cascading into local media in Georgia where Steiner lives and is on the local school board can't be a good thing for Steiner.  I have not heard of any video of the incident being revealed.

Will the WWE sale change how the company tours?  Will they still go in the new HQ?  What happens to the employees?

A lot of this is to be determined, but you have to think that once the sale officially goes through towards the end of 2023, there will be employee reductions as they decide there are redundancies.  That is a sad but normal occurrence in situations like this.  I don't believe they will change touring and I have heard zero about them pausing the move to the new HQ.  There's a lot of "wait and see" here, unfortunately.

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