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By Dave Scherer on 2023-04-04 10:00:00

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Jim Cornette and Brian Last did this clip.  In it, they said that the main problem in AEW is Tony Khan.  What do you think?

Since I have been saying for years now that Khan’s way of running the promotion allows his wrestlers to act like babies, I agree with them (and myself).  Tony is problem.  If he ran the promotion like a competent businessman, he would nip these things in the bud.  Instead, he put his Title on a man without a contract.  It’s crazy.

What is your take on what Moxley said in the interview?  Would you kick him to the curb like Cornette said he would?

Well first, when Moxley proposed he would only drop the belt on PPV if he got to destroy Punk on free TV, I would have laughed in his face and then said, “Seriously, let’s talk about business.”  If he told me he was out of contract and could take the Title to SummerSlam, I would have no you can’t.  Give me the Title.  I would then announced on Twitter (which Tony loves to do) that due to Mox being out of contract to AEW, he has been stripped of the Title.  If he came to his senses after that, I would then do a one night deal with him where he could lose to Punk at the PPV to create the new champion.  Then I would decide if I wanted to have someone who treated me like he did, after I supported him through rehab, in my company.  Of course, Tony did the opposite.  He gave Mox what he wanted, gave him a big deal and hired his wife.

Why does AEW not promote or tell anyone they have a battle of the belts special coming up? If you didn't watch the ROH PPV today you wouldn't know it's next Friday.

Good question.  I wish I had a good answer.  But, I don't.

With WWE being a public trading company why do they still do kayfabe WM attendance numbers instead of actual paid attendees?

Think about it, they aren't a sport, they are entertainment.  What stockholders care about are actual financial numbers.

Does main eventing Night 1 of Wrestlemania count as main eventing Wrestlemania? As an example do you look at Kevin Owens as someone who has main evented Wrestlemania since he was the last match on Night 1 last year against Stone Cold?

I honestly think you could make a case both ways but if I had to make a pick, to me whoever headlines Sunday night is the actual main event of the weekend.  With that said, main eventing Saturday is an honor as well.

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