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By David Tees on 2023-03-16 22:22:00


- The show starts off with a recap of what happened last week between Mickie James and Gisele Shaw, PCO and Eddie Edwards, plus the confrontation between Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, Frankie Kazarian, Steve Maclin and Bullet Club.   What will happen when they face off?  You can make your wager with a 20 euro no deposit bonus casino.

- PCO is shown in the desert yelling something.

Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham vs. Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)

The match begins with Gresham catching Steve in an abdominal stretch and Steve gets right to the ropes, Gresham backs Steve into the ropes and Steve bites his hand. A brawl breaks out between both teams and Gresham is quickly double teamed after Bailey is tossed out of the ring, Steve traps Gresham in the corner before landing a few shots. Taurus tags in and he lands a missile drop kick to the tailbone of Gresham for a near fall, Taurus holds Gresham down while applying the nerve hold to him. Taurus attacks the arm of Gresham before tagging Steve in, Steve bites the arm of Gresham before sending him into the corner. Gresham fights back and Taurus accidentally takes Steve out, Gresham then hits taurus with a drop kick. Bailey tags in and he quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Bailey hits Steve with a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Steve blocks a kick and he bites the foot of Bailey, Bailey fights back and he eats a clothesline from Steve.

Taurus tags in and he attacks Gresham before working over a cornered Bailey, Taurus then hits Bailey with a back breaker followed by a pop up Samoan drop for a near fall. Gresham returns and he sends an interfering Steve out of the ring, Taurus hits Gresham with a headbutt and Gresham recovers to hit Taurus with a middle rope moonsault. Bailey then hits Steve with a triangle moonsault, Bailey follows up by landing a head kick on Taurus for a near fall. Steve interferes and Gresham sends him back to the arena floor, Bailey hits Taurus with a tornado kick followed by the Ultimate Weapon for a three count.

Winners: Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham

- Gia Miller interviews Frankie Kazarian, Rich Swann & Josh Alexander, with Alexander talking about the all-star team that they are. Kazarian talks about his history with Bullet Club and Motor City Machineguns, Swann gets interrupted by Steve Maclin. Maclin says Kazarian and Swann aren’t threats to Alexander, Maclin says he will prove himself against Alexander at Rebellion.

- Gia Miller interviews Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Jai Vidal, Shaw says she would’ve beat Mickie James last week if it weren’t for Deonna Purrazzo’s interference. Shaw says she will beat Purrazzo at Sacrifice, Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice interrupt before Vidal interrupts them. Dice says Vidal should be his opponent tonight.

Steve Maclin vs. Heath

The match begins with Maclin backing Heath into the corner before separating, Heath gets Maclin in a headlock and Maclin gets free before eating a shoulder tackle. Heath follows up by hitting Maclin with a few forearm strikes, Maclin recovers and he drops Heath with a back elbow strike. Maclin traps Heath in the corner while landing a variety of strikes, Heath fights back and he lands some strikes on Maclin. Maclin then hits Heath with a knee lift followed by a clothesline, Heath propels a charging Maclin to the arena floor as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Maclin drop Heath with a knee to the midsection, Maclin then knocks Heath out of the ring after landing another knee strike. Maclin follows up by sending Heath face first into the ring steps, Maclin also sends Heath face first into the hardest part of the ring. Maclin gets Heath back into the ring to get a near fall on a pin attempt, Maclin keeps Heath down while choking him on the middle rope. Maclin also sling shots Heath into the bottom rope before getting a near fall on a pin attempt, Maclin keeps Heath down while applying a chin lock to him.

Heath gets free and Maclin drops him with a back breaker for a near fall, Maclin keeps Heath down while landing knee drops to his injured back. Maclin then applies the abdominal stretch to the injured Heath, Heath gets free after dropping Maclin with an arm drag. Heath continues fighting back before landing multiple strikes on Maclin, Heath then hits Maclin with a knee strike followed by a leg lariat and power slam for a near fall. Heath then drops Maclin with a spine buster for another near fall, Maclin recovers and he hangs Heath upside down in the corner while stomping away on him. Maclin follows up by hitting an upside down Heath with a corner spear, Maclin then hits Heath with a KIA for a three count.

Winner: Steve Maclin

- The Death Dollz are backstage and they talk about their upcoming match with The Coven, Taya Valkyrie says that Havok should stay away from The Coven due to their magic. Valkyrie says Jessicka can’t figure out who she really is, Rosemary says it may be time for Jessicka to know the truth.

- PCO is shown heading to Las Vegas to look for Eddie Edwards.

- Mike Bailey is approached by Jonathan Gresham backstage, Gresham says Bailey has become his side kick and Bailey says they make good tag team partners. Bailey challenges Gresham to a match at Sacrifice and Gresham accepts.

Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs. Jai Vidal w/Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans

The match begins with Vidal nailing Swinger with a drop kick, Vidal then hits Swinger with an atomic drop followed by a slam. Vidal follows up by landing an elbow drop on a downed Swinger, Vidal traps Swinger in the corner while slapping him in the face. Swinger recovers and he sends Vidal into the corner, Vidal recovers and he sends Swinger into the turnbuckle a few times. Dice tries interfering and the referee tells him to go backstage, Swinger then hits a distracted Vidal with a knee to the back. Swinger then chokes Vidal on the top rope before getting him in a camel clutch, Evans interferes and the referee tosses her and Shaw to the backstage area. Deonna Purrazzo attacks Shaw on the entrance ramp before Evans attacks her as security breaks it all up, Vidal hits a distracted Swinger with a running knee strike for a three count.

Winner: Jai Vidal w/Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans

- The Design appear and they talk about Sami Callihan wanting to join The Design, Deaner says Callihan completed step six last week after the loss to Rhino. Deaner says that step six was about Callihan taking his punishment like a man, Deaner says Callihan has to make a choice about completing step six.

- PCO is shown walking through Las Vegas looking for Eddie Edwards.

- Mickie James approaches Tommy Dreamer backstage, James says that they have a match against Bully Ray and Masha Slamovich next week. Jordynne Grace interrupts and she questions why James is competing a day before their match, Grace says James will tap out again at Sacrifice.

- Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring and he gets a microphone, Edwards says he had to reassess everything about his life after Honor No More disbanded. Edwards says he needs to focus on himself and his future in Impact Wrestling, Edwards says nobody will let him move on. Edwards says everything with PCO needs to come to an end, Edwards shows a video highlighting what went down last week between himself and PCO. Edwards says PCO is dead and PCO interrupts by making his way to the ring, Kenny King jumps PCO from behind and Edwards joins in on the attack. King and Edwards hit PCO with a double back suplex on the entrance ramp, PCO gets up and he attacks both King and Edwards. Edwards grabs a steel chair and he hits PCO with it before PCO punches it into his face, Edwards and King then hit PCO with multiple super kicks before sending him into the ring steps. PCO fights back again and he drops Edwards with a clothesline on the arena floor, PCO gets in the ring and he throws King out of it. Edwards then hits PCO with a kendo stick before King lands a blockbuster on him, Edwards then hits PCO with a chair assisted Boston Knee Party.

- Santino is backstage with Dirty Dango, Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry appears and he wants to face Brian Myers at Sacrifice and Santino grants it. Dango offers his services to help Hendry against Moose and Myers, Santino says they will team against Moose and Myers next week.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: Death Dollz (Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie) w/Jessicka (c) vs. The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King)

The match begins with King going after the arm of Valkyrie, Valkyrie gets free and King slams her on the mat below. Valkyrie gets up and King continues dropping her with hair pulls, Valkyrie gets free and she drops King with an arm drag followed by a cross body block. Valkyrie sends King into the corner before tagging Rosemary in, Rosemary then hits King with an exploder suplex. Wilde tags in and she hits Rosemary with a knee to the midsection, Rosemary fights back and she bites the head of Wilde. King hits the ring and a brawl eventually breaks out between the teams as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see King working over a downed Rosemary. King keeps Rosemary down while applying a chin lock to her, Rosemary gets free and King drops her with a hair pull. Wilde tags in and she chokes Rosemary in the corner, Wilde cracks Rosemary with some more strikes while trapping her in the corner. Wilde follows up by dropping Rosemary with a hard Irish whip into the corner, Rosemary fights back and she gets Wilde in a modified tarantula.

King tags in and Rosemary knocks her away before tagging Valkyrie in, Valkyrie quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team. Valkyrie hits King with a blue thunder bomb for a near fall, Valkyrie traps King in the corner before dropping her. Valkyrie then hits a downed King with a hip attack followed by a running double knee strike for a near fall, Wilde interferes and she hits Valkyrie with a double knee strike. King then hits Valkyrie with a release German suplex for a near fall, Rosemary then hits an interfering Wilde with a spear. Wilde breaks up a double team so King can roll up Valkyrie for a near fall, Wilde attacks Valkyrie and that allows King to hit Valkyrie with a pump handle bomb for a three count.

Winners: The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King), your new Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Tag Team Champions

Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian & Rich Swann vs. Bullet Club (Kenta, Chris Bey & Ace Austin)

The match begins with Kazarian going after the arm of Bey and Bey does the same to him, Kazarian and Bey also exchange some pin attempts for a few near falls. Bey then hits Kazarian with an up kick followed by a head scissors takedown, Kazarian recovers and he lands a few strikes on Bey. Bey then sends Kazarian into the corner before tagging Austin in, Kazarian fights back against Austin before tagging Swann into the match. Kazarian and Swann double team Austin for a short time, Swann sends Austin to the ring apron before eating a head kick followed by a springboard drop kick. Austin gets Swann in a headlock and Swann gets free before landing a drop kick, Alexander tags in and Kenta also gets a tag a short time later. Alexander backs Kenta into the ropes and Kenta pops him with a forearm strike, Kenta and Alexander have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Alexander ends the exchange by hitting Kenta with a Finaly roll, Austin tries interfering and it backfires as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Bey and Swann doing battle in the ring, Bey eventually drops Swann with an enziguri for a near fall. Austin tags in and he double teams Swann alongside Bey for a near fall, Austin focuses his attack on the arm of Swann. Austin traps Swann in the corner while stomping away on him, Bey tags in and he again double teams Swann alongside Austin for a near fall. Bey misses an elbow drop and he recovers to land a leg sweep, Bey mounts a downed Swann before landing strikes. Kenta tags in and he attacks Swann with a few kicks for a near fall, Kenta keeps Swann down while working over his injured arm. Swann fights back and he lands a few strikes on Kenta before both go down during a double clothesline, Kazarian tags in and Bey does as well. Kazarian quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Kazarian hits Bey with a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Kazarian follows up by landing a double DDT on both Bey and Austin, Bey fights back and he drops Kazarian with a super man punch.

Alexander tags in and he immediately starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Alexander then Bey with a back breaker before tagging Swann in. Swann then hits Bey with a 450 splash for a near fall, Austin attacks Swann and Alexander takes him out. Alexander blocks a kick from Kenta before knocking him to the arena floor, Austin takes out Alexander before eating a super kick from Swann. Kazarian hits a leaping Bey with a cutter that sends them crashing onto everybody on the arena floor, Swann and Bey make it back into the ring. Everybody from both teams hit the ring and they all take each other out, Steve Maclin appears on the entrance ramp and that distraction ensures that Alexander gets taken out. Austin and Bey hit Swann with their finisher for a three count.

Winners: Bullet Club (Kenta, Chris Bey & Ace Austin) 

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