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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-07 10:00:00

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I know you were really enjoying Bray Wyatt’s return when he came back.  Are you still loving it?

Nope, I am not even liking it.  I loved the real aspect he showed when he came back but since then he has gone back to doing pretty much the same character that he was before, so I have lost interest.  It’s definitely not marketed to someone like me.  But, if it gets a reaction and sells merchandise, they don’t care what I think, nor should they.

When a wrestler does their autobiography with a ghost writer how exactly does the collaboration work?

The basic process is that the wrestler gives the writer the material and the writer lays it out to be printed.  Generally, it's a collaborative process.

Why does Vince McMahon really want to sell WWE? Why not keep it in the Family?

I can think of two reasons.  One, the legacy of going from almost going under before the first WrestleMania to selling the company for many billions of dollars is one hell of a rags to riches story and would be a great chapter for a man in his late 70s.  Keep in mind that the family has stock in the company too so they would benefit.  Depending on who bought the company, I think there would be opportunity for the family to work with the new owner if they wanted to.  More importantly, about 70% of the company’s revenues come from the Raw, Smackdown, NXT and WWE Network deals in the US.  They have 18 months left on the Raw and Smackodwn deals and there is no guarantee that the next deal would increase their revenue, or even keep it where it is now.  The TV and Streaming industries are in flux.  If the rights fees stagnate, or worse drop, the stock will drop with it.  Selling the company now would lock in a huge gain for the family.  I would be trying to sell too if I were Vince McMahon.

Impact Wrestling for me produce some of the best television on a weekly basis. Great matches, easy to follow storylines and some funny stuff.  It is great to see they are selling out shows again even if it is just 1,000 capacity.  I consider Josh Alexander as an impact homegrown his work rate great and he delivers in every match. His title run has been great. Which of his title matches you consider his best? And do you think he could make it in WWE or AEW?

Alexander is a great wrestler and could absolutely make it in AEW or WWE.  I don’t get into “best matches” for anyone because it’s all so subjective but he has had a lot of great bouts, for sure.

Do we see in future because Wrestlemania 2 night events being a success that SummerSlam potentially might?

It all depends on the business indicators and at this point, I can’t honestly say.  Obviously, the risk is will the tickets sell.  They would rather have a full building one night that two nights with noticeable empty seats.  I think it all depends on the booking process and if the company is sold.  It Vince keeps ownership and the booking stays strong and the business indicators grow, I could see them considering it.  If a company like Comcast buys WWE, with the strategy being to air the big four PPVs on NBC, I could see them considering it too.

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