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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-05 10:00:00

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I saw a “reporter” stated that WWE had to change the the Cody Rhodes-Paul Heyman segment on Raw because they were afraid Cody would get booed because the crowd wanted Sami Zayn, even though Cody got a great reaction from the fans.  Conrad Thompson said he knows for a fact that was completely untrue.  Why do you think that the “reporter” would lie like that?

I can think of 3 reasons.  One, he was fed bad information and didn’t do his due diligence to see if it was fake or not.  Two, he personally wanted Sami to win the Title in Montreal and is mad that WWE didn’t agree with him.  Three, he has friends in AEW and is mad that Cody left and is more successful in WWE.  All I can say is that if you cover the business long enough, you really should observe how the business works and learn from it.  To report things that aren’t true, for whatever reason, means you really need to get better at your job or you will come across like a hack.

Do you think Jon Moxley will be bleeding before his match even starts at Revolution?  

Probably so.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he is bleeding right now.  His infatuation with cutting himself is troubling to me, and I am not kidding at all when I say that.

I keep hearing people say that Tony Khan is such a nice guy.  If he is, why does he let Mox cut himself all the time, let Darby Allin try to maim himself, let Anna Jay get destroyed by an unsafe spot, etc.?

I don’t know if Tony is a nice guy or not.  I think he does some great things for people, like what he did for Brody Lee’s family, but he can be petulant as well (see Helwani, Ariel).  I don’t think what he lets the wrestlers do really goes to whether he is a nice guy or not.  I just think it shows he doesn’t look out for the best interests of his talent the way that I would.  I truly hop no one gets injured severely because the promoter doesn’t protect them from themselves.  I

Who is a better booker, Vince Russo or Tony Khan?

That’s like asking me would I rather drown to death or burn to death.  Neither one of them is good in my opinion, but I guess Tony is better.  But if you argued Russo, I won’t argue with you.

I listened to Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson go over the Wrestling Observer Awards, and it seems like they forgot one. Seems like the Wrestling Observer newsletter should win the award for AEW publication of the year. What do you think? 

I think the awards show that his readership loves AEW and they don’t understand business or how it works.  They show that the awards are popularity contest and should not be taken seriously by people who understand the business.  Basically, they are mark awards, which is fine I guess if that is what Dave was going for.  As I said before, I would have been embarrassed with many of the results and would have shut the whole process down for good if that is how readers of my site voted.  To me, it would make me embarrassed about what it said about my site.  Here’s the thing,  AEW can be their favorite promotion but when the company’s indicators are flat and WWE’s are on the rise, plus WWE generates about 10 times the revenue that AEW does, no intelligent person who wants to be taken seriously can say AEW is over WWE in 2022.  To me, those awards lost all of the credibility that they may have had at some point in my opinion.  

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