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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-03 10:00:00


I read your article on William Regal's role and duties in WWE where he basically critiques wrestlers and matches to help tighten them up. Does AEW have someone like that? Would that be the same role as what their producers should be doing?

I don't know of anyone who specifically sits down with the talents after their matches, but you'd think that all of the Producers and even veteran talents are giving advice and pointers.

How amazing was Komander in the Revolution ladder match? That rope walk spot he pulled off was superhuman. 

Athletically, he's pretty impressive.  I've seen the rope walk a number of times, but the problem with that spot is if you do it every week, it's no longer superhuman, it's just the norm.

How intense will AEW’s house show schedule be now that they’re kicking it off this month? Will it be WWE-level busy, or just once or twice a week?

As I've discussed in recent weeks for Elite subscribers, It will not be consistent at all in the beginning.  They are just feeling out the process to see if they can make it profitable and my gut is that one of the reasons Jeff Jarrett has been brought in is so they can land sponsored/sold shows where there company is paid to put the events on, as opposed to just running random house shows and hoping to draw in different markets.  If you think AEW will be running 2-3 shows a week for live events, that's not happening anytime soon.

Any update on AEW's London debut?

Nothing has been announced yet.

I really like Hook; the guy’s a beast in the ring, has a great look, and he really took to the business in record time. But like Jade Cargill, who I also really like, I don’t think he can thrive if he’s FTW Champion forever. Do you think he’s fine with his current prizefighter niche, or should he have his streak broken so he can aim for bigger and better things?

I think he's fine and slow and steady wins the race.  He's selling merchandise and getting big reactions.  He just beat Matt Hardy.  Why ruin something that is working on a "maybe."

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