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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-26 10:00:00

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I don’t understand what the WWE is getting out of these press conferences.  Are they supposed to be legit or not?  How annoying was Austin Theory at the chamber one?

It's just another layer to the way that they present their shows.  They are what they are.  If you are expecting them to tear down kayfabe then you are expecting too much.

As a fan of over 30 years, I think this may be the most tribal (WWE v AEW) I've seen fans online. You can't even voice an opinion or praise someone without criticism, and not even the constructive type. Two questions:  have you ever seen fan toxicity as bad as this? And what advice would you give to fans who just want to enjoy the product without prejudice? 

People in all walks of life have gotten combative it seems to me.  My advice, watch the product and enjoy it.  Don't waste your time digesting the ramblings of booger eaters.  They aren't worth your time.

I saw one of your competitors named Tony Khan the booker of the year and AEW the promotion of the year.  What are your thoughts on that?

I think if you focus on asking a group of people who love something that is a niche product what is the best thing out there, they will say the niche product.  Clearly, those people love AEW but if they ignore that WWE generated over a billion dollars last year and they ignore that Tony's booking isn't even close to HHH's, then the awards a complete and utter joke.  I laugh at them.

Is there a reason why I should care that Mox and Page are having a Texas death match at the PPV? What makes this match special or different than any other Moxley match? Every match he bleeds and every match ends up in the crowd or has had weapons so what makes a Texas death match special?

To me?  Nothing.  It’s just like everything else Mox does.  To the fans that voted AEW the promotion of the year?  I guess it’s one of the best things ever.

My question is after reading the question about Michael Cole epic burn of Tony Khan is what was it he said?

He introduced Ariel Helwani as the man who asks the hard questions, even if people don’t want to answer them.  It was a shot at the horrible interview Khan gave Helwani.

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